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Building a Positive Work Environment

Building a Positive Work Environment

Duration: Full Day

Course Description: This course is designed to create a positive professional environment that extracts the best from all its team members. In this course's first module, participants take a brief assessment to determine their own individual personality style. The second module explores conflict styles and how to effectively manage conflict in the workplace. The third and final module discusses elements of Emotional Intelligence (EI). Content from all three modules work in tandem to build personal insight, develop interpersonal awareness, and provide skills to create a high quality workplace for everyone.

Audience: Ideal for individuals at all levels in the organization. Optimum class size: 8-20.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introductions & Overview

  • Complete mini DiSC form
  • Overview of 4 DiSC categories (dominant, inspiring, cautious, supportive)
  • Participants work in dyads to share and discuss profiles

Module 2: Conflict Styles: identify typical styles

  • Explore workplace interactions through group work and role-play
  • Five-type conflict model: acceptance, avoidance, collaboration, competition and compromise. Strengths and challenges are presented.

Module 3: Elements of Emotional Intelligence

  • Participants take brief survey to highlight elements of EI
  • Behaviors are reviewed with specific options for actions (how to respond to direct criticism, how to demonstrate active listening, etc.)
  • Group reviews and discusses case situations where EI is called for, building a toolbox of interpersonal options.

Course Outcome: Participants will learn to promote a positive work environment by knowing their own personality style, ways to effectively manage conflict in the workplace, and techniques to improve their own emotional intelligence.

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