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Working Across Generations

Working Across Generations

Duration: Half-day

Course Description: Today, up to four generations may work side by side in the workplace, or virtually from multiple locations. These diverse employees enjoy different music, have different views on technology, and see different goals and means for getting a job done. When the differences inherent to each of these four generations are not understood, employee collaboration suffers. In this course, attendees will identify and discus the four generations that today's workforce may come in contact inside and outside their place of business. Through a series of generational group work, attendees learn what influences each generation, and how these influences can affect people we think and work today. The ideas discussed will help optimize a diverse workforce that utilizes everyone's generational strengths to increase productivity.

Audience: Managers and workers in all positions and of all age groups. Optimum class size 10-15.

Course Topics:

  • Social conditions
  • Music, style, media
  • Technology and communication
  • Generational frustrations
  • Work habits and preferences
  • Creating a workplace friendly environment
  • Tips for intergenerational communication

Course Objectives: Participants will learn to work together harmoniously with different generations by appreciating their different perspectives and lifetime experiences.

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