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The Energy Bus

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Energy Bus

The Energy Bus…

tap into your teams potential

Duration: Half Day

Course Description: The Energy Bus is an international best seller by author Jon Gordon who takes us on an “enlightening and inspiring ride, revealing 10 secrets for approaching life and work with the kind of positive, forward thinking that leads to true accomplishment - at work and at home”.  The session introduces how individual and team success is based upon core principles that may be found in an organization’s mission, vision, purpose, and goals statement.  The challenge is to foster an understanding of these foundational guiding principles and have all levels of your organization’s buy in.  Additionally, sharing the common goal aligns the energy and enthusiasm that is within all of us to perform at our highest potential in our work.

Audience: Ideal for individuals at all levels in the organization. Optimum class size: 8-20.

Course Outline: Introduce concepts, theories and the “rules” of the book that set the tone for the course. 

Part I:  Explain, understand, and learn how to apply the “10 Rules for the Ride of Your Life”.  During this module, participants will discover the transferrable practices from the book and understand how to apply these to the mission, vision and goals of their own team and organization.

Part II:  Conclude with an individual, team and organization action plan to keep the energy of the bus going.  The plan includes the 10 rules, individual, team and organizational goals, and visioning for the future.

Course Outcome:

  • Enhance efficiency by improving individual/team productivity, communication and positive interaction.
  • Develop strategies to stay positive during times of change, challenges and adversity.
  • Learn how to deal with team members in the organization who choose not to embrace the mission, vision and purpose of the organization.
  • Develop an organizational culture that fosters a positive and energized working environment.
  • Learn communication skills to handle a changing/challenging environment.
  • Develop an appreciation for one’s work and the importance of positive energy.

Prerequisites (optional):

Recommend participants read “The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon, prior to the course.  In the absence of not reading the book, a lengthier introduction will be substituted.

Forward your company’s Mission statement or other company documentation to infuse into the course content, prior to course start date.

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