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West Chester University

Dr. Margaret Ervin
Associate Professor of English
214 Lawrence Center

Online Writing Consultations

We provide online consultations for writers who are unable to come in person to the writing center. These live consultations are conducted by writing center tutors via GoToMeeting during regular writing center hours. Please note: These writing consultations are available in 60-minute blocks only. Online sessions are designed to give writers the greatest possible benefit by following the purpose and model of the writing center's traditional live sessions. To schedule an online writing session:

  1. Access the writing center's webpage at www.wcupa.edu/writingcenter. Click on "follow this link to make an appointment." To increase the odds that a tutor will be available at the time you request, schedule your session as far in advance as possible--but at least a half hour in advance of your requested time.

  2. If you already have a writing center account, sign in and proceed to step four.

  4. If you do not already have a writing center account, make one using your WCU email and a password of your choice. This password will not change, even when you update your standard WCU password. Press "enter." You will receive an email to your WCU account confirming your newly-created account.

  5. After signing in, choose a date and time for your appointment. The screen will look like a spreadsheet with each blcok consisting of a 30-minute appointment (a "single session"). White spaces signify open appointment times. Please remember that all online appointments must be an hour long, which takes up two blocks.

  7. Using the drop down menu for "type of session," choose "online."

  9. For "please select session length," choose "double session 60 minutes." You will receive an email to your WCU account confirming your newly-scheduled session.

  11. A few minutes before your appointment is set to begin, check your WCU email. Your tutor will have sent you an email containing a link and a meeting ID number.

  13. Click the link provided in the email, and enter the given ID number when prompted. If it is your first time using our online service, you will be asked to download GoToMeeting, which is a free program. Simply follow the directions on your screen. Downloading GoToMeeting will take only a few moments. Once the download is complete, a control panel will appear on the right-hand side of your screen. In subsequent online sessions, downloading GoToMeeting will not be necessary; the control panel will appear for you as soon as you click the link and enter the meeting ID number provided in your email.

  15. Look for the audio tab on the control panel and choose "mic & speakers" as your communication option. Your computer's internal microphone and speakers will allow you to communicate with your tutor via audio. You may also use the chat box at the bottom of the control panel. If you have any questions, you may call 610-430-5664 to reach the writing center for assistance.

  17. Your tutor will now ask you to share your screen and enable your webcam. Before doing this, however, make sure to (1) close any private windows or documents and (2) open the document you'd like to work on during your appointment. If you don't have a document, just let your tutor know. She or he will review a writing assignment with you, brainstorm ideas, or work with you on plans for an upcoming project.

  19. Once you've adjusted your audio, shared your screen, and enabled your webcam, you will be able to see and hear your tutor in much the same way as in a face-to-face session.

  21. Your tutor will begin the session by asking you to read your paper aloud. Reading it aloud gives you a chance to hear how your words and sentences flow, notice how you're connecting the sections, and listen to your voice as it sounds on the page.

  23. If you experience any difficulty at all, make sure to tell your tutor. Feel free to call the writing center at 610-430-5664. We look foward to working with you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Writing Consultations