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E-ZPass Use While Driving WCU Vehicles"

  -  Many WCU Motor Pool vehicles are equipped with E-ZPass transponders. These transponders allow the electronic payment of tolls, which eliminates the driver's out-of-pocket expense.  
  -  Availability of E-ZPass:  
    > In Pennsylvania -  
      .  On the entire ticketed Turnpike system, from the Delaware River Bridge to the Ohio Turnpike (East-West Mainline) and from the Mid-County interchange to the Wyoming Valley Toll Plaza (Northeastern Extension).  
    > Maryland through Massachusetts -  
      .  E-ZPass is available on toll roads.  
    > When traveling out of state, either look for local signage or visit the E-ZPass website.  
  -  E-ZPass fees are:  
    > Charged back to the driver's Cost Center.  
    > Listed as "TOLL" in the Charge Type column of the Motor_Pool_Rentals report available on the web under Facilities Chargeback Reports.  
    > Improper use of E-ZPass that results in a Turnpike E-ZPass Violation Citation are charged back to the driver's Cost Center.  
  -  How E-ZPass Works:  
    > As the vehicle enters or exits the Turnpike system, the E-ZPass antenna reads the transponder, which is mounted on the windshield  
    > This registers the toll electronically and sends the information to the Turnpike E-ZPass Customer Service Center to charge the account.  
  -  At the Toll Booth:  
    > Look for the E-ZPass sign and the signal above it for the lane status  
    > Observe the 5 mph speed limit  
    > Proceed through the lane without stopping  
    > Assume that the tag was read. In some cases, no signal is given as confirmation.  
  -  Violations:  
    > Violations may include: no transponder, an improperly-mounted transponder, or a low account balance.  
    > If there is a violation, an enforcement system records the transaction, captures the vehicle's  license plate number, and sends it to the Turnpike E-ZPass Violations Processing Center.  

For safety purposes, please observe the
5 mph speed limit
posted in all E-ZPass lanes.