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Snow Walks Plan

  Snow Walks
          In order to keep the campus operational during snow removal, a network of priority sidewalks (Snow Walks) has been selected. The Snow Walks shall be the first walks cleared during a snow event and every attempt shall be made to keep them open while the snow is still falling. Building entrances shall be cleared on a prioritized basis with the highest priority going to entrances that lead to Snow Walks.

        The Snow Walk network will allow a person to get from any location on North Campus to any other location on North Campus. During a snow event, the university encourages the use of Snow Walks and avoiding unplowed paths. The Snow Walks will be safer, drier and less slippery than untouched walks.

        ADA access was a major factor in determining the Snow Walk network. The University endeavors to provide equal mobility access. Of necessity, stairs and routes with stairs have a lower priority than Snow Walk routes.

        The Snow Walk arrangement in South Campus is designed to get people either to bus stops or parking lots. The Snow Walk system in the more remote South Campus assumes that people will rely on private or public transportation to reach other campus buildings. Owing to the design of the SC Apartments, stairways shall be integrated into the Snow Walk net. Within the apartment complex, the Snow Walk system will operate in a similar manner to North Campus.

  Campus Zones
        During a snow/ice event, the campus shall be divided into five distinct zones, (A-E). Each zone shall have assigned personnel and equipment. Each zone shall be cleared/deiced according to the Snow Walks, priority parking lots, and priority entrances first. Once these elements are cleared, the remainder of the zone shall be opened. The blue lines in each of the following zone maps indicate the paths in the Snow Walk system.

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  Zone A Zone B  
  Zone C Zone D  
  Zone E