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What Is Supplier Diversity

What is the Supplier Diversity Program?

The Supplier Diversity Program was first implemented by West Chester University and now it is a system wide program at the State System of Higher Education.

Supplier diversity is a business strategy to expand the vendor base to include all qualified vendors and to enhance an organization’s cost-saving opportunities. This is accomplished by fostering an inclusive procurement system that invites the broadest possible participation of all vendor sources. The Supplier Diversity Program will strive to increase the number of diverse business enterprises that supply goods and services to all PASSHE campuses. There will be no compromise in quality and service.

Supplier diversity includes:
• Minority-owned business
• Women-owned business
• Small disadvantaged business
• Veteran-owned business
• Others, as defined by the Small Business Administration

Goals of the Supplier Diversity Initiative include:
• Developing new, creative, and innovative means to increase the utilization of MBE/WBE and small disadvantaged businesses in the procurement of goods and services at West Chester University.
• Creating a System-wide environment of inclusiveness and diversity in the procurement area.
• Expanding the vendor base to enhance cost-saving opportunities to West Chester University.
• Fostering collaboration with diverse vendors and West Chester University.

Companies interested in procurement opportunities at West Chester University are encouraged to browse the following procurement polices and procedures:

Procurement Policy – Under $19.7k

Procurement Policy – $19.7k and Over

How To Do Business with West Chester University


Updated: January 2107