Business Services

201 Carter Drive, Suite 200
West Chester, PA 19383

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On behalf of West Chester University, I would like to welcome you to the Business Services’ website. I hope that our web site information is convenient and helpful to you. Please let us know how we’re doing by sharing with us your questions, concerns and suggestions. We hope you enjoy your visit with us and our web pages. Thank you for your interest in West Chester University.

Business Services is part of the Finance and Business Services Division of the University and is comprised of the following organizational units and functional responsibility areas.  Each unit plays a strategic role that supports the overall objectives and goals of the University.

Operational Unit Contact Name Telephone Email Website
Purchasing – responsible for the purchase of all goods and services (including contracting). Bob Malone 610-436-1019 Purchasing
Accounts Payable – responsible for the payment of all goods and services Nicole Bobbert 610-430-5654 Accounts Payable
Travel – responsible for the processing and payment of all employee related travel. Nicole Bobbert 610-430-5654 Travel
Card Systems – responsible for the management of the procurement and travel cards. Vacant 610-436-2602 Card Systems
Construction Procurement – responsible for the procurement of all construction related services. Barbara Cooper 610-436-2706 Construction Procurement
University Post Office – responsible for the movement of campus and institutional mail. Ray Nieves 610-436-2744 University Post Office

Marianne Peffall
Director of Business Services

  Mission Statement  
  The Office of Business Services strives to make the procurement, contracting, and payment process as simple, cost effective and efficient as possible. Our role is to make sure that all procurement and contract activities follow the legal mandates governing procurement (Act 57) while attempting to find solutions and strategies to help expedite and simplify the process.  
Updated: July 2017