Finance and Business Services

201 Carter Drive, Suite 200
West Chester, PA 19383

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Finance and Business Services


As part of the Finance and Administration Division, this office oversees the areas responsible for general accounting, accounts payable, construction procurement, contracts, postal services, purchasing, student financial services, restricted funds, and other related fiscal functions for West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Our goal is to provide the campus community with timely, accurate information and service. Each person we deal with is a valued customer, and we strive to make your interaction with our offices pleasant, productive and informative.

Our Mission

The mission of the Finance and Business Services department is to provide timely, accurate and meaningful financial information and advice to the University community to support management decision-making, and to demonstrate fiscal responsibility, accountability, and regulatory compliance to the University's constituents. The Department promotes the efficient use and stewardship of University resources and compliance with laws, regulations and reporting requirements through technical financial and analytical skills, and expertise in accounting knowledge.

Name Title Phone Email
Bobbert, Nicole Accounts Payable Manager 610-430-5654
Brooks, Lawanda Fiscal Assistant - Business Services 610-436-3515
Carabello, Ray Manager of Donated Funds and Endowments 610-436-2850
Cooper, Barbara Contracts Specialist - Construction Procurement 610-436-2706
Corrado, Colleen Director of Student Financial Services 610-436-2552
Crouthamel, Jeannette Facilities/Perkins Loan Reimbursement Officer 610-436-2552
Cureton, Dorothy Purchasing Agent 610-436-2603
Drumm, Sandy Fiscal Assistant - Student Financial Services 610-436-2552
Ehst, Jessica Fiscal Assistant - Student Financial Services 610-436-2552
Ely, Leslie Fiscal Technician - Accounting 610-436-1085
Flynn, Loren Purchasing Agent 610-436-3572
Fogg, Donald Sr. Business Systems Analyst 610-436-2447
Hall, Lois Purchasing Agent 610-436-2604
Hilton-Peace, Roxanne Fiscal Technician - Accounts Payable 610-436-2924
Howett, Anne Fiscal Technician - Accounts Payable 610-436-2176
Husar, Kenneth Sr. Business Systems Analyst 610-436-1008
Janis, Michelle Fiscal Assistant - Accounts Payable 610-436-2924
Jefferis, Wendy Fiscal Assistant - Student Financial Services 610-436-1008
Link, Krista Fiscal Assistant - Student Financial Services 610-436-2552
Malone, Robert Manager of Purchasing 610-436-1019
Maloy, Shelley Fiscal Assistant, Refunds/Student Direct Deposit - Student Financial Services 610-436-2552
Martin, Julie Purchasing Agent 2 610-436-1012
McCadden, Kevin Director of Accounting and Financial Reporting 610-436-2223
Murphy, Todd Chief Financial Officer and Associate Vice President for Finance and Business Services 610-436-3120
Naulty, Janice Cashiering Supervisor, Student Financial Services 610-436-2552
Novak, Colleen Executive Associate to Associate Vice President for Finance & Business Services 610-436-2731
Olejnik, Anna Fiscal Assistant - Accounts Payable 610-436-2923
Peffall, Marianne Director of Business Services 610-436-2705
Read, Jeanne Assistant Director, Collections & Customer Service 610-436-2552
Ripka, Shari Receptionist - Student Financial Services 610-436-2552
Santiago, Trixia Financial System Manager 610-436-2334
Schram, Tara Fiscal Assistant - Student Financial Services 610-436-2552
Shea, Zachary Card Systems Administrator 610-436-2602
Shirk, Candace Fiscal Assistant - Student Financial Services 610-436-2552
Smith, Kelly Grant and Contract Accountant 610-436-2518
Stewart, Joshua Financial Aid Accountant 610-436-1018
Welcher, Thomas Asst. Director of Accounting and Financial Reporting 610-436-2695
Updated: January 2018