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Linguistics Program

113 Main Hall
Israel Sanz-Sánchez, Coordinator


Maria José Cabrera, Languages and Cultures
Cathryn Crosby, Languages and Cultures
Charles E. Grove, Languages and Cultures
Cheryl Gunter, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Elaine B. Jenks, Communication Studies
Sara Lamb Kistler, Early and Middle Grade Education
Mareile A. Koenig, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Garrett G. Molholt, English
Frederick R. Patton, Languages and Cultures
Israel Sanz-Sanchez, Languages and Cultures
Paul A. Stoller, Anthropology and Sociology
Andrea Varricchio, Languages and Cultures
Michael S. Weiss, Communication Sciences and Disorders

The minor in linguistics is an interdisciplinary program offered by the departments of Anthropology and Sociology, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Communication Studies, English, Languages and Cultures, and Philosophy. Its purpose is to provide the student with a foundation in the analysis of the various aspects of language. Students wishing to enter the program must consult the program coordinator. To receive credit for the minor in linguistics, a student must complete 18 semester hours of course work. The program coordinator must approve all courses.

Minor in Linguistics (18 semester hours)

  1. Required courses (9 semester hours)
    ENG/LIN 230; ENG 331 (or any other structural grammar course), and ENG 335 (or any other historical linguistics course)
  2. Electives (9 semester hours)

    1. . Choose one of the following:
      ENG 330, SPA 365, SPP 106, or any other approved course in phonology or phonetics
    2. Choose one of the following:
      ANT/LIN 380; COM/LIN 415; ENG 339, 340; LIN 250; PHI/LIN 330, 360; or any other approved comparable course
    3. Choose an additional course from either Group A or B above, or choose one of the following:
      COM 307; ENG 430; LAN 327; LIN 411, 412; LIT 328, 330; PHI 190, 436; PHY 110; SPP 204; or any other approved linguistics course
    For course descriptions, see anthropology and sociology (ANT), communicative disorders (SPP), communication studies (COM), English (ENG or LIT), languages and cultures (LAN, LIN, FRE, GER, RUS, or SPA), philosophy (PHI), or physics (PHY).