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2011 – 2012

Current Undergraduate Catalog

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Revised April 2017

Academic Programs

Student Affairs

Activities Greek Life and Student Organizations Physical Examinations
Alumni Association Health Services Public Safety
Bookstore Housing, Off-Campus Recreation and Leisure Programs
Buses on Campus Housing, On-Campus Residence Life and Housing Services
Career Planning and Placement Services Insurance Programs Service Learning and Volunteer Programs
Children's Center Intercollegiate Athletic Program Student Leadership Programs
Classification of Students Office of Student Conduct Student Organizations
Communicable Diseases Mail Service Student Services, Incorporated (SSI)
Counseling and Psychological Services Department Multicultural Affairs Sykes Union Building
Dining Accommodations New Student Programs Vehicle Registration
Emergency Alert Notification Off-Campus and Commuter Services Women's Center
Emergency Preparedness  

The administration of West Chester University is committed to providing a comprehensive educational experience for students. To accomplish this mission, the Division of Student Affairs provides a variety of services and programs to complement the classroom experience. The goal of the division is to assist students in their intellectual, social, and psychological growth and to contribute to developing a campus community where knowledge, citizenship, critical thinking, and social concerns are basic values.

Offices within the Student Affairs Division include Athletics, Career Development, Children's Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, Greek Life, Health and Wellness Services, Office of Student Conduct, Multicultural Affairs, New Student Programs, Recreation and Leisure Programs, Residence Life and Housing Services, Service Learning and Volunteer Programs, Student Leadership and Involvement, Sykes Student Union, and the Women's Center. The Division of Student Affairs also offers services for commuter and off-campus students and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students.

The administration believes that students should share the responsibility for governing their community and should have a voice in shaping the objectives of the University. Through a democratically constructed student government and committee structure, the administration, faculty, and student body seek to work together on behalf of the general welfare of the University.

Classification of Students

Students who attend West Chester University are classified for administrative purposes into two categories.

These students live in housing facilities operated by the Univer­sity or by arrangements made through the West Chester University Foundation. Residents of North Campus residence halls are required to choose from four University meal plans. (See "Meal Fee") on page 10.) Those residents living in the South Campus apartment communities and the College Arms Apartments are not required to purchase a meal plan; however, they may choose any meal plan option if they are interested.

This classification covers students who travel or commute to and from their legal residences, as well as students who live away from the homes of their parents or legal guardians in a dwelling that is not supervised or approved by the University.


Residence Life and Housing Services

The Office of Residence Life and Housing Services is responsible for creating and maintaining an environment in each housing facility that encourages academic, social, and emotional growth. Each facility is staffed with trained personnel who are available 24 hours a day to provide services, assistance, and a variety of information. All resident students are encouraged to read The Guide to Residential Living, which contains valuable information on all services, policies, and responsibilities pertaining to all housing facilities. The Office of Residence Life and Housing Services is located in 202 Lawrence Center, 610-436-3307.

On-Campus Housing

The University-owned residence halls on the North Campus provide accommodations for approximately 2,000 students in primarily double-occupancy accommodations. In addition, the University-owned South Campus apartment complex houses almost 500 residents in four- or five-person, fully furnished units with each bedroom having either single or double occupancy. Arrangements for these housing options are made for the academic year. In addition, the University-owned South Campus apartment complex houses almost 500 residents in four- or five-person, fully furnished units with each bedroom having either single or double occupancy. Arrangements for these housing options are made for the academic year. In addition, the University operates the College Arms Apartments which have units for one to four people and requires a full calendar year commitment for occupancy.

The University, through the West Chester University Foundation, also offers other housing options on campus that are referred to as affiliated housing. Suite-style residence halls on North Campus, including University, Allegheny, and Brandywine halls, as well as The Village at WCU, an apartment community on South Campus, provide accommodations on a space-available basis. These facilities offer all the same opportunities found in University-owned housing, but are managed by University Student Housing, a subsidiary of the WCU Foundation.

Housing Assignments. The Office of Residence Life and Housing Services makes the housing assignments for all students living in all University-owned housing. University Student Housing handles assignments for all four affiliated-housing communities. All assignments are made without discrimination. Only individuals of the same gender will be assigned as roommates, suite mates, or in the same apartment unit. Each room has basic furnishings for comfortable living, and the students may make them more homelike with their own accessory additions. During orientation, students are informed about the services and equipment furnished by the University and those necessities that they must supply for themselves. Lounge and recreation areas, television, and a variety of other facilities and conveniences provide a pleasant setting for student life in each residence hall. Services are also available in a central location in the apartment communities.

Transfer Students: Transfer students are admitted both as resident students and as commuting students. Those transfer students who desire on-campus housing should indicate this at the time they apply for admission to the University.

Married Students: The University has no housing facilities for married students with their spouses or for students with children or dependents. Prior to registration, they will need to secure their own accommodations in the community.

Readmitted Students: Students readmitted to the University are eligible for on-campus housing unless a specific disciplinary sanction would prohibit such occupancy. Interested students should contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services for specific information about the application process.

Policy for Withdrawals: Resident students must vacate their University-owned residence hall or apartment within 24 hours of completing the withdrawal form in the Office of the Registrar. Resident students must secure the signature of the assistant director of housing prior to vacating their residence hall or apartment. Information regarding withdrawals from affiliated housing may be obtained by calling 610-692-7391.

Students with Disabilities: Students must be able to care for themselves independently or arrange for services that will allow them to perform normal life functions in the context of a residential setting, including, but not limited to, bathing, dressing, and other personal-care issues. This requirement may be met by having a personal-care attendant either live in or live off the premises, within certain restrictions. Some accommodations are also available for students who have special needs. Additional information, including available services and penalties for noncompliance, can be obtained by contacting the director of housing services at 610-436-3307. The full text of the policies and procedures are found in the WCU Handbook on Disabilities, "The Guide to Residential Living," or on the University Web page at www.wcupa.edu/_services/stu.lif/.

Dining Accommodations

All students residing in the North Campus residence halls must be on the University meal plan as a condition of occupancy. Students with medical problems who cannot meet this requirement may request a meal waiver. Residents of the South Campus Apartment Com­plex, The Village at WCU, and the College Arms Apartments, as well as off-campus and commuting students, may purchase any meal plan offered or obtain meals at the transient rates.

A number of variable and flex-only meal plans are available. Details of these plans, as well as the costs, are on page 10 of the "Fees and Expenses" section of this catalog.

All meal plans may be used in the following locations: Lawrence Dining Hall; the Diner; C-Stores/Grill operations; Java City and the Ram’s Head Food Court; and with national brands, such as Chick-fil-A, Subway, Einstein’s Bagels, and Starbucks.

Off-Campus and Commuter Services

Services to Off-Campus and Commuter Students, which are coordinated by the associate director of Sykes Student Union, include the Off-Campus Housing Listing Service, advising the Off-Campus and Commuter Association, and serving as a community resource agent in areas related to off-campus and commuting students.

Additional services provided to off-campus students include landlord/tenant legal aid information and development of long-range plans and research on the profile and needs of off-campus students.

The associate director of Sykes Student Union and Off-Campus and Commuter Services is located in 116 Sykes Student Union, 610-436-2984.

Off-Campus Housing

Students who choose to live in the community must secure their own living accommodations. Off-Campus and Commuter Services will assist students in finding housing by providing up-to-date listings of available housing. These listings are available on the Web at www.places4students.com. Additional information about living off campus can be found on the Web at www.wcupa.edu/och.


The Student Services, Inc. Bookstore is located on the ground floor of Sykes Student Union. The Bookstore sells both new and used textbooks for all WCU courses as well as school and art supplies. Textbooks may also be purchased on the store's Web site. The SSI Bookstore also stocks best sellers, a variety of general interest literature, and a wide selection of reference books, as well as study and teacher aids. SSI Bookstore offers a complete line of official WCU imprinted clothing and an array of gifts that can be purchased on the store's Web site. Greeting cards, groceries, snacks, and laundry supplies are also available in the Bookstore. Services offered include film processing, special orders for computer software and general interest books (at no extra cost), UPS shipping, and daily book buybacks. All major credit cards, SSI EZPay, and personal checks, accompanied by a valid ID, are accepted. The Bookstore hours are as follows: Monday - Thursday from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.; and Saturday, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. (hours are subject to change). For additional convenience, the store offers extended operating hours at the beginning of each semester. For more information call 610-436-BOOK or visit the Web site at www.click2ssi-bookstore.com.

Bus Transportation on Campus

The University provides bus service from North to South Campus (and return) during the spring and fall semesters. The buses run from 7:15 a.m. to 2 a.m. on weekdays, and from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. on weekends. On North Campus, the buses stop in front of Ehinger Gymnasium and Wayne Hall. On South Campus the buses stop at the Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center, South Campus Apartments, The Village, and Q and R Lots (upon request). Bus schedules are available at residence hall desks, Public Safety, or Sykes Student Union Information Center. Limited bus service also is available during the first and second summer sessions (see schedule for dates and times).

Students using the bus service should be advised that it is impossible to provide timely transportation between North and South Campus within the standard 10-minute class break. Therefore, students should plan and develop class schedules that allow time to be transported between the two campuses through the use of open class periods.

An accessible bus containing a wheelchair lift is available for mobility-impaired students. Details on how to access this service are available on the Web site, http://wcupa.edu/_INFORMATION/AFA/Facilities/Transportation/Buses/Shuttle/home.asp.

Career Development Center

The professional staff of the Twardowski Career Development Center assists students with defining career goals, relating academic preparation to these goals, and searching for internships and full-time career opportunities. These services are available throughout the entire calendar year in Lawrence Center, second floor. A career information library is available for browsing and research. Graduate school reference material is maintained for students considering graduate school. Other activities of the Twardowski Career Development Center include seminars, on-campus interviews and job fairs with potential employers, resume critiques, resume referral, electronic resume databases, and a job vacancy system.

Additional information is available at http://www.wcupa.edu/cdc/.

The Twardowski Career Development Center is located in 225 Lawrence Center, 610-436-2501, or e-mail cdc@wcupa.edu.

Children's Center

The Children’s Center provides affordable, quality child care on campus for children of students and employees of the Univer­sity. The center offers a developmentally based educational program for children ages three to six years with a summer program for ages three to 12. Snacks are provided by the center, with parents providing a bag lunch. Located on the ground floor of McCarthy Hall, the Children’s Center is licensed by the Common­wealth of Pennsylvania, and all required registration material must be completed prior to enrollment.

The Children's Center also offers a wide range of opportunities for involvement by students such as

  • practicum experiences in the fields of early childhood education, social work, and nursing;
  • volunteer programs with the Department of Social Work, community service programs, student organizations, and individual students;
  • paid part-time aide positions through the Work Study program and Student Services, Inc. funding; and
  • classroom participation through the departments of Music Education, Kinesiology, and Languages and Cultures.

For more information contact the Children's Center at 610-436-2388.

Counseling and Psychological Services Department

The Department of Counseling and Psychological Services (the Counseling Center) is located in Lawrence Center, Second Floor, Room 241, 610-436-2301.
Counseling services are available to all currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students. The Counseling Center is staffed by licensed psychologists, consulting psychiatrists, graduate-level trainees, and a drug/alcohol counselor. Confidential information shared in the Counseling Center is protected by both state law and professional ethics. General information about services and current group offerings are available on the Counseling Center’s Web page, www.wcupa.edu/counselingcenter/.


Students come to the Counseling Center with a variety of concerns, so different methods of individual and group treatment are offered to best meet the needs of the individual. Any of the following approaches may be implemented to address a student’s concerns:

Individual psychological counseling consists of a one-to-one experience with the focus on resolving personal conflicts or interpersonal conflicts.

Group counseling consists of a small number of students who meet weekly with a leader or co-leaders. Groups are especially helpful for students who wish to share their concerns with peers and enhance their social skills in a therapeutic setting.

Career counseling is typically a one-to-one experience with the focus on clarifying the student’s career path. Career choice is most solid when it is the outgrowth of understanding oneself. Several assessment instruments are available to aid the student in exploring values, interests, and abilities.

Psychiatric services are provided on a limited basis; students in need of a psychiatric assessment or medication must be in treatment with a Counseling Center therapist. There is a nominal fee for psychiatric services.

Testing/assessment may include psychological batteries or vocational assessment tools. Assessment is an adjunct to counseling, typically providing direction or assisting with a course of action.

Consultation services are provided to individuals who seek guidance, direction, or education. For example, faculty members who are concerned about the well-being of a student may consult on the best way to approach a student in distress. A referral guide is also maintained by the Counseling Center for those requesting the names/numbers of providers in the area.

Outreach presentations are given, upon request, by counselors throughout the year for students in residence halls, classes, student organizations, and special interest groups.

Greek Life

The Office of Greek Life coordinates West Chester University's fraternity and sorority community, comprising 26 (inter)national chapters on their service projects, community activities, scholarship support programs, recruitment and new member programs, and other related matters. In addition, the office works with four governing/programming councils, and the Camp Dreamcatcher fund-raiser. Greek Life is located in 238 Sykes Student Union, 610-436-2117.

Health Services

The Student Health and Wellness Center is staffed by a medical and health education team of physicians and nurses who are available to meet first-aid needs and to treat acute illnesses and minor surgical conditions. Gynecological services, including testing for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, contraceptive counseling, and routine examinations, are available. Other offerings include nutritional services, HIV testing, and health/wellness education. The University is not responsible for any additional medical, X-ray, or surgical services, or hospitalization.

All students are required to pay a health service fee at the beginning of each semester. In addition, a separate fee is charged for each office visit. Many medications are available at a nominal fee. Allergy injections also are given at the center.

The University requires that all students have a Student Health Assessment Form on file in the Health Center. Certain prematriculation immunizations are also required. Some academic departments and athletics require a current physical examination.

Due to confidentiality requirements, the Student Health and Wellness Center does not provide sick notes. It is the responsibility of the student to discuss absences from classes with faculty.

The Student Health and Wellness Center is located on the second floor of Wayne Hall, 610-436-2509. Services are available to currently enrolled students only. When school is in session, the center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. during fall and spring semesters. Summer hours are provided weekdays only from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. All visits are by appointment except for emergencies.

Insurance Programs

Because of the unpredictable nature of medical and surgical emergencies, all students are encouraged to be covered by a health insurance program. Information on insurance health programs is mailed to students prior to registration or may be obtained directly from the Healh and Wellness Center Web site .

Insurance requirements may be mandated by specific departments and/or athletic programs. Refer to the appropriate section in the catalog for further information on these requirements.

Liability Insurance Requirement for Students in Nursing. See the section describing the Department of Nursing.

Student Physical Examinations

Physical examinations are required by certain academic departments and athletics. The Student Health and Wellness Center reserves the right to request an annual physical examination by the family physician for any student suffering from a chronic illness.

These forms are available on the Student Health and Wellness Center’s Web site and are also mailed to students prior to registration.

Communicable Diseases

A current report of a negative tuberculin test or chest X-ray showing no active tuberculosis (TB) is mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for all student teachers and students participating in a field experience in the public schools. The TB test can be given at the Student Health and Wellness Center for a nominal charge.

All students must show evidence of immunization against measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, tetanus, diptheria, pertussis, hepatitis B, and meningitis. Pennsylvania state law requires the meningococcal vaccine, or a signed waiver, for all students living in University housing. Guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control and the American College Health Association will be adhered to and revised as appropriate to protect the health of those in the University community.

Because of the potential for transmission of several infectious diseases, all students utilizing injectable medicines will be required to show evidence of satisfactory disposal of needles and syringes. The Student Health and Wellness Center will provide free disposal of medical waste.

Office of Student Conduct

Coordination of West Chester University's judicial system is overseen by the director of Office of Student Conduct. In accordance with the University's Mission and Values Statements, the University is committed to providing a sound educational environment for intellectual pursuits.

Accordingly, a set of behavioral standards has been created to maintain a safe and secure campus environment. The West Chester University Student Code of Conduct, found in Section III of the Ram's Eye View, translates those acts that constitute unacceptable behavior for the University's students and student organizations. Students and student organizations accept the responsibility to abide by all University rules and regulations. In addition to these rules and regulations, students are expected to obey federal, state, and local laws. The University, for educational purposes, has the right to review any action taken by local law enforcement agencies regarding students. Disciplinary action may be imposed when a student engages in behavior, on or off campus, that is not consistent with University community standards as defined by the West Chester University Student Code of Conduct.

As members of the University community, students have the right to

  • participate in all activities of the University, free from any form of harassment or discrimination;
  • personal privacy except otherwise provided by the law; and
  • to procedural due process in all action arising from violations of University regulations.

Along with those rights, students have the responsibility to

  • respect the rights and property of others;
  • become fully acquainted with the published University regulations and to comply with them; and
  • recognize that their actions reflect on the entire University community.

Office of Student Conduct works collaboratively with administrators, faculty, staff, students, and community constituents to address student behavioral issues that impact the University community.

The office also can assist students who are away from the campus for medical, personal, or family emergencies. Office of Student Conduct is located in 238 Sykes Union, 610-436-3511.

Mail Service

The University has an on-campus post office located on the second floor of Lawrence Center.

Resident students receive their mail at their residence halls. To ensure prompt delivery, the complete and correct addresses for the facility should be used. Please refer to the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services Web site, http://www.wcupa.edu/_services/stu.lif/mailService.aspx, for specific details.

Multicultural Affairs

The mission of the Office of Multicultural Affairs is to help provide and maintain a supportive environment that promotes the academic achievement and personal development of multicultural students at the University. This is accomplished by providing a wide range of services, programs, and activities aimed at meeting the educational, social, cultural, and developmental needs of multicultural students. In addition, the office collaborates with other offices, organizations, and departments to improve awareness of and appreciation for racial and cultural diversity for the University community.

The office is housed in the Multicultural Center, located in 003 Sykes Student Union. The purpose of the center is to provide a "home base" for multicultural students and their organizations, and to serve as a diversity and multicultural resource center for all members of the University community. The Office of Multicultural Affairs and Multicultural Center can be reached at 610-436-3273.

New Student Programs

The Office of New Student Programs coordinates orientation and outreach programs for freshman (first-year) and transfer students. Orientation programs include summer, fall, and January sessions.

West Chester’s orientation programs are designed to introduce new students to the University and acquaint them with the academic, student services, and social aspects of college life. Attendance at orientation is mandatory for all freshmen and for those students transferring with 59 credits or less.

Outreach efforts include participation in Weeks of Welcome, Freshman Interest Groups, and Family Day. The staff from New Student Programs are available to serve as a resource and help incoming students, both first year and transfer, make a successful transition to West Chester University.

The Office of New Student Programs is located in 202 Lawrence Center, 610-436-3305.

Public Safety

West Chester University is concerned about the safety and welfare of all campus members and is committed to providing a safe and secure environment. Campus security is the responsibility of the University’s Department of Public Safety. Because no campus is isolated from crime, the University has developed a series of policies and procedures to ensure that every possible precautionary measure is taken to protect members of the University community while they are on campus. A full explanation of the University’s security policies and procedures, as well as additional pertinent information, appears in a publication called “Your Safety Is Our Concern,” which is available on the Web at http://www.wcupa.edu/dps/PDF/Clery.pdf. A printed copy may also be requested from the Department of Public Safety.

Emergency Alert Notification


In an emergency, the University will communicate key information as quickly and to as many people as possible using the following communication channels:

  • Text message to WCU Alert subscribers, via e2campus service, http://www.wcupa.edu/wcualert/
  • Mass e-mails to faculty, staff, and students via WCU-assigned e-mail accounts
  • Posted on the University’s homepage
  • Recorded message on the University’s Information Line, 610-436-1000

While the University has a wide variety of methods to communicate with the campus community, the text messaging service makes use of the latest technology to reach students, faculty, and staff in the event of any emergency. The University’s homepage at http://www.wcupa.edu will be the primary source for all up-to-date, official information concerning emergencies. 

Emergency Preparedness

The University continues to review its safety policies and procedures and has developed initiatives to address the issues raised by national tragedies. Although no college campus is completely safe, West Chester University has taken positive steps to enhance the safety of the campus community. It is important that all University community members understand how the institution will proceed and respond in case of a campus emergency. All students and employees should learn where to find emergency information and instructions, and be familiar with evacuation procedures for buildings where they live or work, as well as those they visit during the course of a day. The preparation people take now to learn, be aware of, and practice their own personal emergency plan is vital.
Information about emergency preparedness and planning, as well as the University Threat Assessment Policy, is available at wcupa.edu/dps/emergency/EmergencyPreparedness.asp.

Vehicle Registration

All University parking lots require a current University parking permit or pass to be displayed on all vehicles. Visitors to campus are asked to park in the Sharpless Street Garage located at Sharpless and Church streets. All employees and eligible students desiring to use designated parking lots must register their vehicle with the Department of Public Safety Parking Services Office and purchase/obtain a parking permit. Parking permits are nonrefundable and may only be used by the registered purchaser. Permits are not transferable between individuals nor may they be resold. All West Chester University parking permits are the property of West Chester University.

Resident students with 60 credits or more and commuter students with 30 credits or more are eligible to purchase a North Campus permit. Residents of the South Campus apartments with 30 or more credits are eligible to purchase a permit for that area only. Freshman resident students are not permitted to bring cars to campus. A freshman is defined as one having earned fewer than 30 credits prior to the fall semester. Other students must park at South Campus Q and R lots. Shuttle bus service is provided between South and North campuses.

A valid student ID, nonsuspended operator's license, and vehicle registration card must be presented at the time the vehicle is registered. The annual registration fee is established by the Council of Trustees. Please contact the Department of Public Safety Parking Services Office for the current cost. Specific registration procedures will be announced yearly.

The parking permit should be placed in the vehicle immediately. Instructions on placement are on the reverse side of the permit. Mutilated or defaced parking permits must be replaced. The operation and registration of a vehicle must conform to commonwealth vehicle law and University regulations. For complete information regarding motor vehicles and registration, refer to the Motor Vehicle Regulations pamphlet available at the Public Safety Office and the Public Safety Web site at www.wcupa.edu/dps/MVReg.asp.

Any change in the vehicle registration number must be reported to the Department of Public Safety immediately.

Persons in violation of the parking rules and regulations are subject to ticketing and towing. Parking fines are $20 except for violations in handicapped spaces, which are $40. The towing fee set by contract is for the initial tow.

Service-Learning and Volunteer Programs

The Office of Service-Learning and Volunteer Programs promotes community service within academic courses and as co-curricular activities. The office provides assistance to faculty who use community service as a teaching method and to students in need of service placements. Working directly with more than 100 local agencies, the office coordinates and provides a listing of volunteer opportunities for the University’s students. Throughout the year special events are planned, and the entire campus is invited to participate. West Chester University is a member of Pennsylvania Campus Compact and a recipient of “The President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, with Distinction.” In 2010 West Chester University was also selected to receive the “Community Engagement Classification” from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. The Office of Service-Learning and Volunteer Pro­grams is open from August – May and is located in B-19 Killinger Hall, 610-436-3379. The Web site is http://www.wcupa.edu/_services/stu.slv/.

Student Leadership and Involvement

The Office of Student Leadership and Involvement is responsible for the registration and coordination of more than 230 recognized student clubs and organizations on campus. In conjunction with the Student Leadership Project Team, the office also creates and implements a multidimensional student leadership program. Please see the Web site at http:/wcu.orgsync.com/. The office is located in 238 Sykes Student Union, 610-436-2117.

Student Services, Incorporated (SSI)

Student Services, Incorporated (SSI) is a not-for-profit organization primarily designed to serve the students of West Chester University. The objective of this corporation is to initiate, regulate, and operate the financial matters of all co-curricular student activities. Such activities include the management of the RAMeCARD, campus bookstore, student publications, student organizations, check cashing/ticket service, student programming, intercollegiate athletics, and the graduate student association.

In fiscal matters and in various policy-making areas, the final authority rests with the president of the University.

The SSI Business Office, 610-436-2955, is located in 259 Sykes Student Union.

Sykes Student Union Building

The Earl F. Sykes Student Union first opened in 1975 as the community center for West Chester University. Major renovations and a building expansion was completed in 1995 providing students with a new 102,000-square-foot facility.

Sykes Student Union, as a facility and an operation, is designed to encourage all members of the campus community to participate in a wide variety of cultural, social, educational, and recreational programs. The multipurpose building features a 350-seat theater, fitness center, SSI bookstore, and SSI service center, and the Multicultural Center/Office of Multicultural Affairs, all on the ground floor. The first floor offers a dining area with seating for 350, an outdoor terrace, and a large food servery. Also included on the first floor is a 5,000-square-foot multipurpose room designed for dances, concerts, banquets, and lectures, as well as the union administrative offices, Off-Campus and Commuter Services, and Information Center.

The second floor houses the Student Affairs offices of the Vice President, Assistant Vice President, Office of Student Conduct, Greek Life, and Student Leadership and Involvement. The Student Services, Inc. Business Office and Student Activities department, along with student clubs and organizations, are also located on the second floor.

The third floor penthouse features a 22-unit computer lab, the Frederick Douglass study lounge, and seminar space. Sykes Union also houses 17 meeting rooms accommodating groups from five to 500.

For information concerning Sykes Student Union, call the Information Center at 610-436-3360/2984.

Women's Center

The Women’s Center promotes a campus community that values the safety, equality, and intellectual advancement of women at West Chester University. The Women’s Center serves the diverse needs of WCU women and their male allies by providing:

  • Confidential support, assistance, and safe space for WCU women in crisis
  • Educational programs that address a wide range of social-justice issues that affect the success, well-being, and empowerment of women worldwide
  • Leadership and volunteer opportunities for women that build confidence and enhance career goals
  • Information and referrals about issues that disproportionately impact women, such as sexual assault, relationship violence, sexual harassment, unplanned pregnancy, and disordered eating
  • Special events, workshops, and training that promote awareness of the ways in which gender bias intersects with racism, classism, homophobia, and other forms of oppression.

The Women’s Center is located at 220 Lawrence Center. For more information, including opportunities for student volunteers, call 610-436-2122.


Student Activities on Campus

Student activities at West Chester University encompass a wide range of cultural, social, educational, and recreational programs for a diverse student population.
The Student Services Inc. (SSI) Office of Student Activities takes a leadership role in organizing and sponsoring joint or individual programs as part of its mission. The coordinator of student activities oversees the Student Activities Council (SAC), the leading campus activities organization that coordinates current movies, concerts, trips, national and cultural entertainment, and special events. In addition, the coordinator of student activities oversees the Major Entertainment and Homecoming Weekend Committee and also serves as the co-coordinator for the “Sykes After Dark” late-night programming series. The Office of Student Activities is located in 236 Sykes Union; the phone number is 610-426-3037.

Student Organizations

Each summer, an updated “Directory of Student Organizations” is printed that includes the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all presidents and advisers of more than 230 campus student organizations. For a comprehensive description of WCU student organizations, refer to http://wcu.orgsync.com/ or contact the Office for Student Leadership and Involvement, 238 Sykes Student Union, 610-436-2117. The following is the official list of all student organizations that were registered during the 2010–2011 academic year:

Student Governing Organizations
Black and Latino Greek Council
Interfraternity Council
Graduate Student Association
Off-Campus and Commuter Association
Panhellenic Council
Residence Hall Association
Sports Club Council
Student Government Association
Sykes Union Advisory Board

Academic/Professional Organizations
Accounting Society
Adapted Physical Education Club
Alchemist Club
American Institute of Graphic Arts
American Marketing Association
Anderson Mathematics Club
Anthropology Club of WCU
Art Club
Athletic Training Club
Chinese Club
Council for Exceptional Children/Special Education
Criminal Justice Association–Sigma Tau Omicron
Darlington Biological Society
Earth Space and Science Club
Economics and Finance Society
English Club
Exercise Science Club
French Club
Gender Studies Club
Geography Club
German Club
Graduate Social Work Student Association
Health and Physical Education Club
History Club
Honors Student Association
Institute of Management Accountants
Italian Club
Management Club
Military History Club
National Association of Black Accountants
National Council of Teachers of English
National Student Speech, Hearing and Language Association
Philosophy Club
Political Science Club
Pre-Law Society
Pre-Med Club
Psychology Club
Russian Club
Social Work Club
Society of Physics Students
Sociology Club–Delta Alpha Tau
Spanish Club
Student Dietetic Association
Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP)
Students in Communication
University Dance Company
University Theatre
West Chester Association for the Education of Young Children
Women in Science

Special Interest Organizations
Active Minds
Anime Club
Astronomy Club
Chess Club
Dance Team
LEAD­ (Leadership, Empowerment, and Development)
Major Entertainment
Mock Trial Club
Recreation and Leisure Programs
Student Activities Council
Student Alumni Leadership Council

Social Equity/Diversity
Asian Student Association
Black Men United
Black Student Union
Hillel Jewish Student Union
INDO (Indo-American Association)
LASO (Latino American Student Organization)
LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and Ally)
Sisters United
Women’s Center Club

College Democrats
College Republicans
Contemporary Issues
EARTH (Environmental Association for Repairing the Habitat)
Students for a Sensible Drug Policy
Students for Life

Religious Organizations
Campus Crusade for Christ/Christian Impact
Catholic Newman Student Association/Center
Covenant Campus Fellowship
Gospel Choir
Hillel Jewish Student Union
International Justice Mission
Lutheran Student Association
Muslim Student Association
Young Life

Service Organizations
The Abbé Society
Alpha Delta Kappa
Alpha Phi Omega
Best Buddies
Circle K Club
Colleges Against Cancer
Dance Marathon
Emergency Medical Services
Friars’ Society
Habitat for Humanity
Invisible Children at WCU
Phi Sigma Pi
Student Outreach to Urban Schools
TAG (Traveling Across Generations)
University Ambassadors

Greek Letter Organizations
Inter-Greek Council
Sister-to-Sister Peer Mentor Program
Alpha Phi Alpha
Beta Theta Pi
Delta Chi
Kappa Alpha Psi
Kappa Delta Rho
Lambda Alpha Upsilon
Phi Beta Sigma
Phi Kappa Sigma
Pi Kappa Phi
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Sigma Pi
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Alpha Phi
Alpha Sigma Tau
Alpha Xi Delta
Chi Upsilon Sigma
Delta Phi Epsilon
Delta Sigma Theta
Delta Zeta
Mu Sigma Upsilon
Phi Mu
Phi Sigma Sigma
Sigma Gamma Rho
Sigma Lambda Gamma (Eminence)
Zeta Tau Alpha

Publications and Media Organizations
Media Advisory Board
The Quad
The Serpentine

WCUTV 5–West Chester University Television
WCUR–West Chester University Radio

Sports Clubs
Bowling Club
Field Hockey
Ice Hockey–Men
Ice Hockey–Women
Outdoor Club
Roller Hockey–Men
Shotokan Karate
Ski Club
Snowboard Club
Swim Club
Tae Kwon Do Club
Ultimate Frisbee Club
Water Polo–Women

Musical Organizations
American Choral Directors Association
American String Teachers Association
Brass Ensemble
Cantari Donné
Chamber Choir
Collegium Musicum
Concert Band
Concert Choir
Criterions Jazz Ensemble
Flute Ensemble
Guitar Ensemble
Kappa Kappa Psi
Marching Band–“Golden Rams”
Men’s Chorus
Music Educators National Conference–Chapter 21 (PCMEA)
Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)
New Music Society
Opera Theatre Ensemble
Percussion Ensemble
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
Saxophone Ensemble
SIGMA (Swope Inter-Greek Music
Sigma Alpha Iota
Statesman Jazz Ensemble
Swope Ensemble Association
Symphonic Band
Symphony Orchestra
Tau Beta Sigma
Trumpet Ensemble
Wind Ensemble
Women’s Choir

Honor Societies
Accounting–Beta Alpha Psi
Communication Studies–Pi Kappa Delta
Communications–Lambda Pi Eta
Counseling–Chi Sigma Iota
Economics–Omicron Delta Epsilon
Education–Kappa Delta Pi
Educational Services–Chi Alpha Epsilon
English–Sigma Tau Delta
Gamma Sigma Alpha
Geography–Gamma Theta Upsilon
Geology–Sigma Gamma Epsilon
History–Phi Alpha Theta
Kinesiology–Phi Epsilon Kappa
Languages and Cultures–Alpha Mu Gamma
Leadership–Omicron Delta Kappa
Literacy (Reading)–Alpha Upsilon Alpha
Mathematical Sciences–Pi Mu Epsilon
Music–Pi Kappa Lambda
Nursing–Sigma Theta Tau
Order of Omega
Physics–Sigma Pi Sigma
Political Science–Pi Sigma Alpha
Psychology–Psi Chi
Rho Lambda
Social Science–Pi Gamma Mu
Social Work–Phi Alpha
Sociology–Alpha Kappa Delta
Students with Disabilities–Delta Alpha Pi
Theater Arts–Alpha Psi Omega

Recreation and Leisure Programs

The Office of Recreation and Leisure Programs provides recreational and leisure-time activities for the University community. Recognizing that the needs of individuals differ, the program offers a variety of recreational components, which are listed below. Through participation, individuals can develop friendships, improve physical health, and learn new lifetime recreational activities and constructive ways to use leisure time.

For more detailed information contact the Office of Recreation and Leisure Programs, Room 132 Ehinger Gymnasium, 610-436-1732, or visit the Web site, http://www.wcupa.edu/_services/campusrec/.

Open Recreation and Swimming is offered for those who are interested in informal recreation. Gymnasiums and pools are available throughout the year for “free play” and recreational swimming. Guest passes may be obtained when friends visit campus and wish to use the facilities. Two swimming pools on campus are available during the week for recreational swimming: the Hollinger pool on North Campus and the South Campus pool. WCU ID cards or guest passes are required for admittance. Check bulletin boards for open swim times or call the Aquatics Office at 610-436-2127.

The Intramural Sports Program is based on student interest and provides every student with an opportunity to participate in team/dual/individual competition. The program offers divisional play for men, women, and co-recreational teams in the following sports: flag football, dodge ball, floor hockey, roller hockey, indoor/outdoor field hockey, indoor/outdoor soccer, beach/indoor volleyball, basketball, softball, and tennis. Intramurals can also be offered in a league or tournament play.

Sport Clubs, which are competitive, recreational, and instructional in nature, allow students with similar sports interests to enjoy these activities together. The following 24 sports clubs are coordinated through the Office of Recreation and Leisure Programs and are officially recognized student organizations: Bowling, Equestrian, Fencing, Ice Hockey– Men/Women, Lacrosse–Men, Roller Hockey–Men, Rugby–Men, Shotokan Karate, Skiing, Snowboard, Soccer–Men/ Women, Swim Club, Outdoor Club, Running, Tae Kwon Do, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball–Men/Women, Water Polo, Wrestling–Men.

As people find themselves more and more isolated from the natural environment, there has been an ever-increasing appreciation for and desire to experience the outdoors. The Outdoor Adventure Program provides students, faculty, and staff opportunities to participate in low-cost, fun, and people-powered outdoor adventure activities. Canoeing, caving, rock climbing, and ski trips are among the many outdoor activities offered.

Group Exercise/Aerobics are offered in the Sykes Student Union aerobics studio throughout the week for 14 weeks of each semester. Sessions provided include high- and low-impact, step, toning, cross training, body sculpting, boot camp, cardio-blast, and speed cycling. Advance registration is required, and the student registration fee for all sessions is $20 for each semester or $35 for the academic year. (faculty and staff fee is $50 per semester). Given the popularity of the program, interested participants should register within the first week of each semester for scheduled sessions.

Sykes Student Union Fitness Center is designed to give students a professional setting for exercise and weight training. The Fitness Center is equipped with cardiovascular equipment, pin-selectorized equipment, and Olympic free weights. The center also houses the aerobics studio where aerobic sessions are held. A valid WCU ID is required for admission to the center, as well as an orientation session for all participants.

A new Student Recreation Center is currently being constructed and will open in August 2012. More information on the facility is available on the Web, http://www.wcupa.edu/studentrecreationcenter/.

Intercollegiate Athletic Program

West Chester University's Department of Athletics affirms academic excellence as the cornerstone in the life of the student-athlete, placing the highest priority on the overall quality of the educational experience. By strengthening the integration of athletic program objectives with academic and developmental goals, athletics support the University's mission to meet student needs and interests.

Participation in athletics can serve to strengthen the student's integrity, sense of fairness, respect for others, and dedication to goals. It also can provide the opportunity for enhancing interpersonal leadership skills. Both men and women can choose from a broad variety of team and individual sports. In addition, academic support services are available for student-athletes, underscoring the commitment to scholastic success.

The women's intercollegiate athletic programs include basketball, cross country, field hockey, golf, gymnastics, indoor track, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, outdoor track and field, and volleyball. The men's intercollegiate athletic programs include baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, indoor track, soccer, swimming and diving, tennis, and outdoor track and field.

West Chester University is a Division II member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the Eastern College Athletic Conference, and the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference. The women's rugby team (the first NCAA Division II program in the country) is part of the Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union (EPRU).

The Department of Athletics is located in the Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center on South Campus, which has won national acclaim for the quality and extent of its teaching, performance, and research facilities. Of special note is the one-acre gymnasium, and a natatorium with two full-size swimming pools connected by a diving well.

This center is surrounded by John A. Farrell Football Stadium, Serpico Baseball Stadium, South Campus Softball Complex, practice and playing fields, and tennis courts. A new lighted artificial surface athletic field was completed in the fall of 2004 and was dedicated in 2008 as the Vonnie Gros Field. It serves as the home of the field hockey program as well as the women's lacrosse team. It also is used as practice space for other varsity teams, and as a center for recreation and intramurals. In the fall of 2006, a new state-of-the-art turf football field and outdoor track were installed at Farrell Stadium.

Alumni Association

The West Chester University Alumni Association is an organization of more than 80,000 graduates of the University.

The purpose of the Alumni Association is to promote the interests of West Chester University in all areas of academic, cultural, and social needs, to strengthen the Alumni Association through a strong network of graduates, and to increase the awareness of alumni to the University's needs.

The Alumni Association sponsors many activities, including five major events on campus each year: Welcome to West Chester Day and Homecoming in the fall, Alumni Weekend in the spring, and Senior Days in December and May. The West Chester University Magazine, published three times each year, provides alumni with information on their classmates and events of interest.

The WCUAA also provides an Alumni Online Community with easy access to calendars, event registration, news updates, and an alumni directory. The Web site is www.wcualumni.org/.