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Department of Music Education

J. Bryan Burton, Chairperson

FACULTY: Albert, McFarland



Symbol: MDA

240 Integrating the Arts Within the Elementary Classroom (3) This course is designed to prepare the elementary classroom teacher (PK-4) to teach academic subjects more meaningfully through the art disciplines of creative movement, music, and visual art. The emphasis is to study how integrating the arts into the curriculum can provide children with essential problem-solving skills that use both creative and critical thinking.

Symbol: MUE

Q01 Professional Qualifying Remediation (.5) Designed to present musicianship skills for students who have failed the professional qualifying examination.

201 Music Education Seminar (.5) A seminar introducing the philosophical foundations of music education and the structure of the school music program. Required for all music education majors prior to MUE 331. PREREQ: Permission of department; current Act 34, Act 114, Act 151 clearances; TB test valid for semester.

220 Teaching Music to Special Learners (2) This course provides music education candidates with the skills, knowledge, understandings, and attitudes necessary to meet the needs of candidates with disabilities in an inclusive music education classroom with specific applications to vocal and instrumental ensembles, and marching band.

232 Music in Early Childhood (3) Designed to equip the teacher of early childhood to develop specific concepts utilizing singing, rhythmic, and melodic activities. Emphasis on listening and movement to music.

235 Teaching the Children's Choir (3) This seminar will prepare the music education candidate to develop, administer, teach, and lead children's choirs. Candidates will gain hands-on experience with management and rehearsal techniques. Class meets two times per week; one hour in class, two-hour lab. PREREQ: MUE 201.

331 Music Methods and Materials (3) The study of music and the learning process at the elementary level to include Dalcroze, Kodaly, and Orff. PREREQ: MUE 201 and AIC 311 or VOC 311, and professional qualifying test; permission of department; current Act 34, Act 114, Act 151 clearances; TB test valid for semester. Writing emphasis course.

332 Music Methods and Materials II (3) The study of music and the learning process at the secondary level to include technology, listening skills, multicultural diversity, general music programs, and administrative skills. PREREQ: MUE 331; permission of department; current ACT 34, ACT 114, ACT 151 clearances; TB test valid for semester.
Diverse communities course. Writing emphasis course.

333 Instrumental Methods and Materials (2) Fundamentals underlying the development of instrumental programs in the public schools. Emphasis on program organization and administration, teaching procedures, and materials. PREREQ: AIC 311 or VOC 311. COREQ: MUE 331 or 332.

335 Choral Methods and Materials (2) Designed to acquaint the student with a variety of choral music suitable for school use. Program planning and rehearsal techniques are demonstrated.

NOTE: The sequence for these REQUIRED music education courses is consecutive semesters: MUE 331 and 333 (or 335) followed by MUE 332 and 335 (or 333) followed by MUE 431 and 432. Enrollment for these courses is limited on a yearly basis and is planned at a meeting for sophomores in the fall and spring semesters. See coordinator of professional sequence.

337 Instrumental Techniques and Materials (2) For juniors and seniors who desire to specialize in instrumental music. Considers rehearsal procedures, effective materials, minor repairs of instruments, competitions and festivals, and marching band procedures. PREREQ: MUE 333.

338 Comprehensive Musicianship/Leadership Training in Music Education (2) A course designed to help future professionals develop leadership qualities and pragmatic instructional skills. Motivational strategies as advocated by leading authorities will be emphasized. Content includes visionary leadership, time management, and principles in self-discipline, self-confidence, and problem solving. Teaching assignments will include methodologies in comprehensive musicianship and a variety of teacher/leader concepts.

412 Teaching Music Listening at the Elementary Level (3) Analysis of musical concepts within selected compositions with subsequent design of sequential teaching-learning strategies for all levels, K-12. Music majors only.

422 Music in the Middle School (3) Review and critical analysis of music education in the middle school: philosophies, curriculum, practices, and personnel.

428 Music in Special Education (3) Characteristics of special pupils; adaptation of teaching techniques, materials, and curriculum. PREREQ: MUE 231, 232, or 331.

430 Related Arts Pedagogy in Music Education (3) Principles of related-arts teaching applicable to musical elements, art, and creative movement, with appropriate teaching techniques at specified grade levels. Materials for school music programs; basal music series, other texts and literature, and resources in related arts. Demonstration lessons and unit planning.

431 Student Teaching I (6) Obser­vation and participation in teaching vocal and instrumental music at the elementary level. Undertaken in conjunction with qualified cooperating teachers. Pro­fessional conferences and visits are an integral part of the experience. PREREQ: Formal admission to teacher education; current ACT 34, ACT 114, ACT 151 clearances; TB test valid for semester.

432 Student Teaching II (6) Obser­vation and teaching general, vocal, and/or instrumental music at the secondary level. Professional conferences and visits are an integral part of the experience. PREREQ : Permission of department; current ACT 34, ACT 114, ACT 151 clearances; TB test valid for semester; satisfy requirements under "Formal Admission to Teacher Education."; GPA 2.8; grades of C or better in required methods classes and final required keyboard minor and voice minor; complete music theory and aurals, music history, conducting, and all instrument classes; completion of 90 semester hours. Students must have completed and provided an ETS score report that they took Praxis II text(s) in the subject area where the candidates are enrolled to achieve certification.