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2011 – 2012

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Revised September 2011

Academic Programs

Department of Management

312B Anderson Hall
Roberta Snow, Chairperson

PROFESSORS: Callanan, Snow

ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS: Leach, McGee, Selvanathan, Zimmerman

ASSISTANT PROFESSORS: Perri, Rotenberry, Zhu

The primary objective of the Department of Management is to provide students with the skills required to manage business and public organizations effectively.

To accomplish this objective, the faculty of the Department of Management will strive

(1) to inculcate in the student the ability to reason analytically and critically and enhance information literacy;

(2) to increase the student's awareness of the concepts and terms used in current managerial practice;

(3) to increase the student's awareness of the international dimension of business;

(4) to increase the student's skills in written and verbal communication;

(5) to increase the student's ability to use quantitative methods and technology to analyze a business problem;

(6) to give the student experience in working productively as part of a team;

(7) to increase the student's ability to analyze ethical issues in business practice.

The Department of Management offers a B.S. in business management, which focuses on functions required to make a group of people work effectively together as a unit. These functions include planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling.

All freshmen and those transfer students who have not completed the required courses will be admitted to the pre-business program.


120 semester hours

  1. General ed. requirements, see pages 38-44 (48 semester hours)
    (includes ECO 111*; MAT 105* or 107* or 108* or 110* or 161*; PHI 101 or 150 or 180; SPK 208* or 230*; and nine semester hours of student electives)
  2. Business core (36 semester hours)
    ACC 201*, 202*; BLA 201*; ECO 112*, 251*, 252*; FIN 325*; MGT 200*, 313*, 341*, 499*; and MKT 325*
  3. Other courses required (6 semester hours)
    ENG 368*; MAT 108 or 161 (If either of these MAT courses is completed with a grade of C or better to fulfill general requirements, then a free elective may be substituted.)
  4. Management major courses (18 semester hours)
    INB 300*; MGT 321*, 431*, and 498*; MIS 300*
    * A minimum grade of C must be attained in these courses
  5. Business electives (9 semester hours)
    300-level or above courses in ACC, BLA, ECO, FIN, INB, MGT, MIS, MKT, GEO 325 or 425
  6. Free electives (6 semester hours)

A minimum of 30 credits in business courses must be completed at West Chester University, with a minimum of 15 of these credits in 300-400 level MGT, MIS, or INB courses.

Students (internal and external transfers, including pre-business and undeclared) may apply for the major after completion of 45 credits with a minimum overall GPA of 2.50. In addition, they must have completed the following courses with a C or better: ACC 201; ECO 111, 112, and 251; MAT 105 (or higher); MGT 200; passed MAT 108; and have successfully completed an Excel proficiency test. Students must maintain a 2.50 overall GPA to register for 300-400 level business courses. To graduate, students must have a 2.50 overall GPA.

All pre-business and undeclared majors may not schedule 300-400 level business courses.

Minor in International Business (24 semester hours)

  1. Required courses* (15 semester hours)
    INB 300, INB 469
    Two courses (at the 200 level) from the Department of Languages and Cultures
  2. One course from the list of electives related to the language chosen*
  3. Electives* (9 semester hours)
    Students may choose three courses from the list approved by the department. See adviser for course selection. A minimum grade of "C" must be attained in courses. * A minimum grade of C must be attained in these courses.

Only students accepted into the accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing majors or departmental minors may register for 300-level business classes.

All pre-business students (internal and external transfers) may apply for the major or minor after completion of 45 credits with a minimum overall GPA of 2.50. In addition, they must have completed the following courses with a C or better: ACC 201; ECO 111, 112, and 251; MAT 105 (or higher); and MGT 200; and passed MAT 108. Finally, they must pass the Excel proficiency test. To progress in the management major program, students must maintain a 2.50 overall GPA. To graduate, students must have a 2.50 overall GPA and a 2.50 GPA in their major course work (as defined by each program).



Symbol: MGT

100 Introduction to Business (3) Survey of the structure and function of the American business system. Topics covered include forms of business organization, fundamentals of management, fundamentals of marketing, basic accounting principles and practices, elements of finance, money and banking, business and government, and careers in business. Open to nonbusiness majors.

200 Principles of Management (3) Introduction to the principles and functions of management. Examines the management process, organizational theory, planning, decision making, motivation, and leadership in supervisory contexts. PREREQ: ECO 111. Writing emphasis course.

313 Business and Society (3) An analysis of the social, political, legal, environmental, and ethical problems faced by business firms. PREREQ: MGT 200.

321 Organization Theory and Behavior (3) Study of the theoretical foundations of organization and management. The system of roles and functional relationships. Practical application of the theory through case analysis. PREREQ: MGT 200.

333 Labor Relations (3) Rise of the American labor movement. Labor legislation. Collective bargaining arrangements. Procedures in settling labor disputes. Organized labor's policies and practices. PREREQ: MGT 200.

341 Production and Operations Management (3) Methods analysis, work measurement, and wage incentives. Production process and system design. Plant location, layout, sales forecasting, inventory, production, and quality control, to include statistical aspects of tolerances, acceptance sampling, development of control charts, PERT, and cost factors. PREREQ: ECO 252 and MGT 200.

431 Human Resource Administration (3) Study of a well-planned, properly executed, and efficiently evaluated approach to manpower recruitment, screening, usage, and development. Case analysis and/or experiential exercises to illustrate the concepts used. PREREQ: MGT 200 or permission of instructor.

441 Introduction to Management Science (3) Business problems in production, inventory, finance, marketing, and transportation translated into application of scientific methods, techniques, and tools to provide those in control of the system with optimum solutions. PREREQ: MGT 341 or permission of instructor.

451 Systems Management (3) Application of systems theory and principles to the operation of contemporary organizations with emphasis on nonquantitative methods of analysis. PREREQ: MGT 321.

471 Entrepreneurship (3) Organization of a business venture with emphasis on risk, requirements, roles, and rewards. Students develop a simulated venture, with oral and written report. PREREQ: ACC 201 and 202, FIN 325, MGT 200, MKT 325, or permission of instructor.

483 Management Internship (3) The management internship is designed to enhance the student's educational experience by providing a substantive work experience in the business world. PREREQ: Internship program coordinator's approval.
This course may be taken again for credit.

486 Management Internship (6) The management internship is designed to enhance the student's educational experience by providing a substantive work experience in the business world. PREREQ: Internship program coordinator's approval.

487 Special Topics in Management (3) This course deals with current concepts in management not covered by existing courses. The course content is determined at the beginning of each semester. PREREQ: MGT 200.
This course may be taken again for credit.

488 Independent Studies in Management (1-3) Special research projects, reports, and readings in management. Open to seniors only. PREREQ: Instructor's approval.
This course may be taken again for credit.

498 Seminar in Management (3) Students are engaged in reading and research on current developments in management. Research project is required to help expand and deepen the horizons of the participants. PREREQ: MGT 313, 321, 341, 431, and MIS 300. Writing emphasis course.

499 Business Policy and Strategy (3) A capstone course for all business majors, requiring students to integrate and apply multidisciplinary knowledge and skills in actively formulating improved business strategies and plans. Case method predominates. Written reports. PREREQ: BLA 201, FIN 325, MGT 200, and MKT 325. Writing emphasis course.

Symbol: MIS

300 Introduction to Management Information Systems (3) A comprehensive introduction to the role of information systems in an organizational environment. This course focuses on transforming manual and automated data into useful information for managerial decision making. PREREQ: MGT 200.

301 Introduction to Business Software (3) The goal of this course is to teach business majors the uses of standard business software for solving standard business problems. The focus is on spreadsheets and presentation software systems.

451 Systems Analysis and Design (3) The course develops the necessary skills for analysis of organizational environments in light of information system needs, as well as the skill to design such systems. PREREQ: MIS 300.

453 Decision Support Systems (3) This course is an advanced presentation of the role of management information systems in the special support needs of managers for aiding decision making. PREREQ: MIS 300 and 451.

Symbol: INB

300 Introduction to International Business (3) Analysis of international business transactions in large and small businesses, multinational and domestic. Functional emphasis on multinational environment, managerial processes, and business strategies. PREREQ: MGT 200.

469 International Management Seminar (3) Study of issues confronting executives as they plan, organize, staff, and control a multinational organization. Lectures, case analyses, and outside projects with local firms engaged in, or entering, international business will be utilized. PREREQ: INB 300 and MGT 200.