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2011 – 2012

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Latin-American Studies Program

206 Ruby Jones Hall
Linda Stevenson, Coordinator

Any student in the University, regardless of his or her area of specialization, may earn a minor and a letter of verification in Latin-American studies after satisfactory completion of 18 semester hours of work, distributed as follows:

Minor in Latin-American Studies

Required: Either A or B (18 semester hours)

  1. 1. Spanish or Portuguese (6 semester hours)
    (Intermediate level or above)
  2. 2. Latin-American history (6 semester hours)

    3. Electives (6 semester hours)


  3. 1. Latin-American history (6 semester hours)
  4. 2. Latin-American culture, politics, geography (6 semester hours)

    3. Electives (6 semester hours)

Selected under advisement from Latin-American-oriented courses offered by the departments of Anthropology and Sociology, Geography and Planning, Political Science, Economics, Art, or others. In track A, one three-credit course must be devoted to literature, art history, or music.

For advising, see Dr. Linda Stevenson in the Department of Political Science.

A student should maintain a 2.5 average in area-studies courses to be recommended for graduate work in the area-studies concentration.