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2011 – 2012

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Academic Programs

American Studies Program

216 Main Hall

Steve Gimber, Coordinator

Karin E. Gedge, History
Charles A. Hardy, History
William L. Hewitt, History

Students are introduced to a broad spectrum of American culture and are encouraged to study an area in depth and to develop career interests through concentrations in American art history, African-American studies, historic preservation, environmental studies, journalism and editing, and museum studies. An optional internship provides on-the-job experience.

Minor in American Studies (18 semester hours)

For transcript recognition of an American studies minor, a student must take 18 semester hours allocated in the following areas:

American studies (6)

American history, preferably HIS 151 or HIS 152 (3)

American literature, preferably LIT 200 or LIT 201 (3)

American topics: One course from the arts, literature, or philosophy, and one course from history or social and behavioral sciences, or other courses approved by the adviser. (6)


Symbol: AMS

200 American Civilization (3) An interdisciplinary study of the forces, forms, and values that have contributed to the making of American civilization. Several academic disciplines are drawn upon in exploring the "Americaness" of American institutions, thought, behavior, and material culture.
Approved interdisciplinary course

210 Mass Media and Popular Culture (3) An exploration of the role of media in the development of American popular culture. Particular emphasis will be given to the transformations brought about by mass media after 1880 and the increasing corporate involvement in mass media during the 20th century.
Approved interdisciplinary course

250 Myths and Modernization (3) An interdisciplinary exploration of American civilization during three stages of development from Columbus to the present. Focuses on analysis of civic and popular culture to decode myths of national identity and the media in which they are disseminated.
Approved interdisciplinary course

367 American Material Culture (3) An interdisciplinary study of American civilization through the examination of its built environment and crafted and manufactured artifacts from the Colonial period to the mid-20th century.

371 Manhood in America (3) Examines American manhood from 1600 present. Focuses on intersections of class, race, and gender; relations between private and public spheres; changing men's experiences over time.

399 Topics in American Studies (3) Topics may vary each semester. Emphasis on student research and discussion. This course may be taken again for credit.

400 Senior Thesis or Project (3) A concluding "statement" incorporating the interdisciplinary generalist approach.

401 Independent Study (1-3) An opportunity to pursue alternative study projects outside the classroom; field work in community resources, etc.

415 American Studies Internship (1-15) Cooperative, service/learning experience at a community agency, business, or institution.
This course may be taken again for credit.

Symbol: SSC

331  Teaching Citizenship Education in Secondary Schools  (3) Methods and materials of teaching social studies for prospective secondary school teachers. Emphasis is on combining educational theory with social studies content for effective teaching. Exercises and practical application. Enrollment is restricted to students who will be student teaching the next semester.  Permission to waive this policy may be granted by the chairperson, Department of History. Writing emphasis course.