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2012 – 2013

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Business Administration

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Dr. Snow, Chairperson (610-436-2261)


Gerard Callanan, Ph.D., Drexel University
Roberta Snow, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Associate Professors

Evan Leach, Ph.D., Yale University
Charles H. McGee, Ph.D., Northwestern University
Paul Rotenberry, Ph.D., University of Akron
Rani G. Selvanathan, Ph.D., University of Delhi, University of Paris
Monica Zimmerman Treichel, Ph.D., Temple University
Xiaowei Zhu, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Assistant Professors

Lisa Calvano, Ph.D., Temple University
David Perri, M.A., Pennsylvania State University
Matthew Shea, M.B.A., University of Pittsburgh

Course Descriptions

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501 Managerial Principles and Communication (3) This course provides an overview of the major principles of management and a framework for the analysis of managerial problems with special emphasis on managerial communication in organizations. This course will utilize a multidisciplinary approach to the field using relevant material from psychology, sociology, economics, and political science to address the practice of communication and negotiation in organization settings. This course will examine cognitive, social, behavioral, and political factors affecting managers' ability to manage and communicate while providing a framework that strengthens students' management skills more effectively in organizational settings.

604 Operations and Supply-Chain Management (3) This course utilizes interaction learning methodologies to promote awareness of the operations and supply-chain management techniques available for improving the organizational structures that create and deliver value to customers. Through the case approach, students will learn how an operation strategy that is cross-functional and global creates competitive advantages for both manufacturing and service companies. Topics covered include project management, product design, process analysis, electronic commerce, and enterprise resource planning systems. In particular, because of its emerging role in today's corporation, supply-chain management will be emphasized. PREREQ: MKT 603 or permission of the program director.

611 Managing and Leading Organizations (3) An examination of management theory and its relationship to human resource functions, this course traces the development of management and organization principles and theories, with an emphasis on applying them to human resource issues. This course examines the relationship between the individual and the organization, and topics such as leadership and motivation, attitudes, selection, performance appraisal, and individual and group decision making will be explored.

613 Business and Society (3) The context and environment in which business organizations operate with specific attention to the social, ethical, political, and legal dimensions of an organization's external environment. Value assumptions, means-ends relationships, and policy ramifications of the constraints and opportunities inherent in the environment will be examined in depth. A managerial perspective will be developed to build a framework for macro-level trade-offs among and between competing economic, social, ethical, political, and legal forces and goals.

614 Environments of Business (3) This course provides an overview of how major trends in the world economy, social issues, and political, legal, and ethical systems affect business. The student will enhance his/her ability to understand the implications of major social, economic, political, legal, and ethical trends in the U.S. and the world; critically examine his/her own position on these issues; critically analyze popular writings on these issues; and appreciate the perspective of others whose circumstances differ from those of the student. PREREQ: MGT 501.

621 Organizational Development (3) Interpersonal relations, intra- and intergroup relations, and the leadership role and function in the management of organizational development, change, conflict, and productivity. Primary focus will be on organizational development as an intervention strategy aimed at changing and improving organizational climate and performance. Organizations will be viewed as sociotechnical systems interacting with both internal and environmental forces. PREREQ: MGT 611.

631 Human Resources Management (3) The managerial implications of the human resources management and personnel administration functions. Topics include forecasting and planning of staffing requirements, recruitment, selection, allocation, evaluation, and development of the human resources of an organization. Lectures, class discussions, and case materials will be used.

652 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation (3) This course introduces students to the concept of entrepreneurship and the process of new venture creation. Topics addressed in the course include idea generation, feasibility assessment, industry analysis, market research, funding, financial planning, and marketing, as well as writing and presenting a business plan. Theories and techniques learned in this course and previous business courses will be used to develop a comprehensive entrepreneurship project. PREREQ: FIN 500.

661 Globalization and Management (3) Examination of the problems of management, marketing, and finance when developing and engaging in international business. Attention to the formulation of alternative strategies for developing international business enterprises, the impact and consequences of implementing various alternative strategies for traditional business functions, problems of the multinational firm, and the special challenges of doing business with or in underdeveloped countries. PREREQ: MKT 603.

687 Special Topics in Management (3) A seminar or independent study course providing exposure to current literature and discourse on selected issues in management. PREREQ: Written permission of program director. This course may be taken again for credit.

699 Strategic Management (3) An in-depth examination of the processes by which business strategies are conceived, formulated, executed, and changed. Specific topics include strategic planning, endogenous and exogenous influences affecting strategic feasibility, analyses, and choices. Comprehensive strategy-oriented cases from a variety of business contexts are used. PREREQ: Completion of all other M.B.A. core courses.

Management Information Systems

601 Business Information Systems (3) A blending of theory, case studies, and personal computer applications to the solution of business information problems. Students will gain insight into functional and strategic implications of information resources, technology, and systems.