Graduate Catalog

2012 – 2013

Office of Graduate Studies and Extended Education
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West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383
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Revised August 2012


107 Main Hall
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383
Dr. Sanz-Sánchez, Coordinator

Professors [top]

Cheryl Gunter, Ph.D. (Communicative Disorders)
Elaine B. Jenks, Ph.D. (Communication Studies)
Garrett G. Molholt, Ph.D. (English)
Frederick R. Patton, Ph.D. (Languages and Cultures)
Paul Stoller, Ph.D. (Anthropology and Sociology)
Michael S. Weiss, Ph.D. (Communicative Disorders)
Andrea Varricchio, Ph.D. (Languages and Cultures)

Associate Professors

Charles E. Grove, Ph.D. (Languages and Cultures)
Mareile A. Koenig, Ph.D. (Communicative Disorders)
Sara Lamb Kistler, Ph.D. (Early and Middle Grades Education)

Assistant Professors

Maria José Cabrera, Ph.D. (Languages and Cultures)
Cathryn Crosby, Ph.D. (Languages and Cultures)
Israel Sanz-Sánchez, Ph.D. (Languages and Cultures)

Program of Study [top]

Although West Chester presently offers no graduate degree in linguistics, students interested in developing a concentration in this area may elect courses from the following list or from additional related courses offered by the departments of Communication Studies, Communicative Disorders, English, Languages and Cultures, and Philosophy. For additional information, consult the coordinator.

Course Descriptions [top]

Symbol: LIN

501 Introduction to Linguistics (3) Basic concepts of language description, classification, change, reconstruction, dialectology, and sociolinguistics.

503 Phonology and Morphology (3) Phonetics, phonemics, morphophonemics, and the morphological composition of words.

504 Syntax (3) A comparative study of the various modern approaches to the study of grammar. PREREQ: ENG 575 or LIN 501.

505 Transformational Grammar (3) Basic concepts of transformational theory and their application in teaching. PREREQ: ENG 575 or LIN 501.

506 Meaning in Language (also PHI 506) (3) See PHI 506.

512 Descriptive Linguistics (3) Analysis of the phonemic, morphological, and syntactic features of typologically divergent languages. Procedures for eliciting linguistically relevant data about a language from a native speaker. PREREQ: LIN 503.

515 Language, Thought, and Behavior (also COM 515) (3) See COM 515.

523 Philosophy of Language (also PHI 523) (3) See PHI 523.

540 Sociolinguistics (3) The study of language in its social context: the ethnography of communication; language and society, social classes, ethnic groups, politics, sex, and education. PREREQ: LIN 501 or permission of instructor.

555 Psycholinguistics (3) A study of the relationships between language and thought. Models of language, communication theory, and learning theory. Emphasis on natural language development and bilingualism.

580 Language and Culture (3) Language as an aspect of culture; linguistic-perceptual-cognitive categories; social and psychological aspects of language. PREREQ: LIN 501 or permission of instructor.

LAN 583 Second Language Acquisition (SLA) (3) Introduction to key issues in SLA research and theory. Analysis of SLA studies in connection to second language teaching. Design of original mini-study of second language learning. PREREQ: LIN 501.

590 Independent Study (1-3)