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2012 – 2013

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Revised August 2012

Fees and Expenses

Distance Education Fee Meal Fee Refund Policy
General Fee Other Fees Technology Tuition Fee
Housing Fee Partial Payment Policy Tuition Rates
International Student Service Fee Payment of Fees Uncollectible Check Policy

Note: The fees listed below reflect charges at press time. For up-to-date information on fees at any given time, contact the Office of the Bursar, 610-436-2552.

Fees and expenses are subject to change without notice. Fees shown here are in effect for the academic year 2011–2012 and apply to fall and spring semesters only. Changes for 2012-13, if approved, would occur after the printing of this catalog.

Tuition Rates [top]

Tuition and fees can be paid by check, electronic check (e-check), money order, or cash. The University does not accept credit cards for tuition and fee payment, except through the Web-based QuikPAY system. If the student chooses to pay via credit card, a fee will be assessed for this service. Refer to the Office of the Bursar’s Web page for payment instructions.

Graduate tuition (full-time/part-time students)
Legal residents of Pennsylvania $416.00 per credit hour
Out-of-state students $624.00 per credit

Students in these special programs of study – M.A. in communicative disorders; M.Ed. in counseling /student affairs; M.S.W. (social work) – pay an additional 10% in tuition:

Legal residents of Pennsylvania

$457.60 per credit hour

Out-of-state students

$686.40 per credit hour

General Fee [top]

The general fee of $712.32 per full-time student (nine credits or more) or $80.37 per credit hour (which includes the optional health center fee of $12.78 per credit) for the part-time student (eight credits or less) is a mandatory charge that covers the use of the following services:

  • Sykes Student Union Fee ($65): Previously called the community center fee, this charge is for the operation and use of Sykes Student Union. The part-time rate is $7.22 per credit.
  • Student Health Center Fee ($115): This charge is for the use of the University Health Center. Part-time graduate students (registering for fewer than nine graduate credits) may elect to have the Student Health Center Fee ($12.78 per credit) waived. Acceptance or rejection of this option must be made at the time of initial registration for each semester or summer session. This choice cannot be changed until the time of the next registration. Students who elect to have this fee waived will not have services of the Student Health Center available to them for the semester or summer session involved. Payment of the Student Health Center Fee is a prerequisite for part-time graduate students who wish to purchase University-approved health insurance.
  • Sykes Student Union Expansion Fee ($60): This fee supports the recent renovation of Sykes Student Union, which features new and improved student services. The part-time rate is $7 per credit.
  • Graduate Student Association Fee ($10): This fee funds the activities of the Graduate Student Association. The part-time rate is $2 per credit with a maximum charge of $10.
  • Educational Services Fee ($414.00): Students pay this fee in lieu of specific department charges. The part-time rate is $46.00 per credit.
  • Parking Improvement Fee ($48.32): This fee is dedicated to improve the quality and availability of campus parking for students. The fee will provide for new student parking spaces, improved shuttle service, and safety improvements. The part-time rate is $5.37 per credit.

Distance Education Access Fee [top]

Students enrolled in any distance education course will be charged an access fee of up to 20% of the tuition for that course in lieu of general fees for that course.

International Student Service Fee [top]

This $75 per semester fee applies to all inbound international students to support compliance with requirements of the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).

Technology Tuition Fee [top]

This mandatory instructional fee will be used to enhance classroom technology. All charges are per semester.

Legal residents of Pennsylvania (full-time/part-time students):
Per credit $20.00
Out-of-state students (full-time/part-time students):
Per credit $30.00





Summer will be considered as one semester. Students enrolled in multiple summer sessions will be charged no more than the equivalent of the full-time semester rate.

Housing Fee [top]

North Campus Residence Halls - This fee entitles the student to occupancy of a standard double room in any University-owned residence hall with one roommate:

  • Per student: $2,424.00 per semester

South Campus Apartment Complex - This fee entitles the student to occupancy of a four- or five-person apartment that is University owned with the following bedroom occupancy:

  • Single occupancy bedroom (per student): $3,064.00 per semester
  • Double occupancy bedroom (per student): $2,816.00 per semester

Students in the North Campus residence halls losing their roommates who do not have another roommate assigned to them will be assigned a roommate, be relocated, or charged a private room fee of $50 per week for every week that they occupy the room alone. These options are available on a limited basis; however, available spaces will be used if demand requires.

Students may also obtain affiliated housing through University Student Housing, LLC, which operates several housing complexes on campus. WCU hires, trains, and supervises the residence life staff for each location and handles all student issues.

University Student Housing, LLC is responsible for occupancy management (leases), as well as facility-related issues. Information about applying for these facilities is available by sending an e-mail to, or logging on to

Meal Fee [top]

All students residing in a North Campus residence hall (including affiliated housing, Allegheny, Brandywine, and University halls) must be on the University meal plan as a condition of occupancy. Students with medical problems who cannot meet this requirement may request a meal waiver. Residents of the South Campus Apartment Com­plex and The Village at WCU, as well as off-campus and commuting students, may purchase any meal plan offered or obtain meals at the transient rate.
Meal plans consist of 26 meal zones per week: 19 traditional breakfast/brunch, lunch, and dinner zones, plus seven late-night zones. The following plans are available to resident students:

  • Variable 14 meals per week, plus $250 flex:
    $1,218.00 per semester
  • Variable 12 meals per week, plus $250 flex:
    $1,191.00 per semester
  • Variable 9 meals per week, plus $250 flex:
    $1,121.00 per semester
  • Unlimited meal plan, plus $250 flex:
    $1,500.00 per semester

For the above meal plans, the meal week runs from Saturday brunch through Friday late night. With these plans the diner can choose any combination of meals, but will forfeit any unused meals at the end of the meal week.

South Campus residents (apartments and The Village), off-campus students, and commuters may select any of the above plans in addition to the following:

  • Variable 7 meals per week, plus $250 flex: $1,060 per semester
  • Flex-only Plan (must begin with $250 minimum account and can add in $25 increments). Flex dollars not used by the end of the fall semester will be transferred to the spring semester. However, any unused flex dollars at the end of the spring semester will be forfeited. Students who leave the University at the end of fall semester will forfeit any remaining flex dollars.

All meal plans may be used in the following locations: Lawrence Dining Hall; the Diner; C-Stores/Grill operations; and the Ram’s Head Food Court. National brands, such as Chick-fil-A, Subway, Einstein’s Bagels, and Freshens will take cash and flex only. Students in North Campus residence halls will have their meal plan cost included in their University bill. Off-campus, commuter, and South Campus Apartment/Village students can sign up for a meal plan by applying at the Office of the Bursar at 25 University Ave. Any meal plan changes must be submitted within the first two weeks in the beginning of each semester. After that deadline, the assistant vice president for student affairs must approve any change requests. The diner is permitted to use four meals in one day and may combine up to two meals per meal zone to convert to the meal/cash allowance. Diners may use five of their meals per semester for a guest.

Payment of Fees [top]

Students should receive fall semester bills by mid to late July and spring semester bills by the first week of December. All initial semester bills will be mailed to the students' home address and sent electronically to the students' official WCU e-mail address.

Mid-semester statements, including those for the Partial Payment Plan, will only be sent electronically to the student's WCU e-mail address. Students will be required to check their WCU e-mail often for important dates and deadlines. For students who rely on parents/guardians to pay their bills, it is highly recommended that students select parents/guardians as authorized payers through the Web-based QuikPAY system. Doing so will assure that both students and parents/guardians will receive notification e-mails when new bills/statements are available.

It is the responsibility of each student to pay/submit the semester bill by the due date. Students who fail to pay or submit their bill by the due date will be assessed a $50 late payment fee. Nonreceipt of a semester bill does not relieve the student of the responsibility of paying/submitting the bill by the due date. Address changes should be made through the Office of the Registrar to allow for sufficient time to reflect an accurate billing address.

Students who are receiving approved financial aid awards that fully cover or exceed the amount of their bills do not have to pay, but they must submit to the Office of the Bursar the appropriate portion of their semester bill to complete registration. Fully covered financial aid students also have the option of activating their account online via myWCU. Failure to return the bill or activate an account online, even if no payment is due, may result in the cancellation of registration/schedule and the assessment of late penalties. Students who cannot pay their bills in full by the due date may apply for partial payment (see "Partial Payment Policy" below).

Failure to meet the payment deadline could result in cancellation of the student's schedule. In order to have another schedule reinstated, the student would have to pay his or her bill in full as well as a $35 late registration fee.

Students who owe money to the University will have a hold placed on their accounts. If students do not clear the hold by paying the amount owed, it will cancel registration/scheduling for future semesters, prevent the release of transcripts, and prohibit graduation clearance. The University also may, at its discretion, invoke any other penalty appropriate for a particular case in which money is owed to the University.

Partial Payment Policy [top]

The University extends partial payment privileges to all students who are in good financial standing and have not defaulted on a previous payment plan. The nonrefundable fee charged for this service is $35 per semester. There is no payment plan for summer and winter terms. Installment payments received late are subject to a $25 late payment fee. Partial payment statements will only be sent electronically to the student's WCU e-mail address and authorized user's e-mail address. For more information about the plan offered, contact the Office of the Bursar at 610-436-2552.

Uncollectible Check Policy [top]

A fee of $25 is charged for any paper check or e-check returned to the University for insufficient funds, stopped payment, or closed account. The University may, at its discretion, charge this fee for any check returned to it for any other reason.

The check will be returned to the student upon its replacement. Students who have two or more checks returned against their accounts will no longer be able to make payment by personal check; all future payments must be made by cash or certified check.

Refund Policy [top]

All requests for refunds for dropped or canceled courses, or for withdrawals, must be made in writing or in person to the Office of the Registrar. Refunds are not automatic; it is the student's responsibility to initiate a refund request. Appeals concerning the refund policy for tuition and the general fee are made to the Office of the Registrar. Appeals concerning the Housing or Meal Fee are made to the Office of Residence Life. Further appeals, if necessary, may be made to the Appeals Committee.

The refund policy does not affect the time line for W grades as described under "Dropping a Course" (see page 16).

Individual fees will be refunded according to the policies described below.

Tuition and General Fee Refunds - Full refunds for tuition and the general fee are available only through the sixth calendar day that the University is in session. After that, tuition and the general fee are refunded according to the schedule below. These percentages apply to the total tuition bill, not to partial tuition payments. Questions about this, as well as when students will receive their refund, should be directed to the Office of the Bursar.

Withdraw during Receive tuition and general fees refund
Through 6th calendar day of semester 100%
2nd week of semester 80%
3rd week of semester 60%
4th week of semester 50%
5th week of semester 40%
6th week of semester No refund

No refund will be given if the student 1) drops a course but retains full-time status, 2) reduces his/her credit load after the end of the drop period but retains part-time status, or 3) owes the University money.

Technology Tuition Fee - only refundable in full if the student drops all courses by the end of the drop period, which is through the sixth calendar day of the semester. This fee will not be refunded partially or in full for any courses dropped after the sixth calendar day.

Housing Fee (University-owned housing) - in full prior to the first day of the semester; after the first day of the semester, prorated refunds are made on an individual basis through the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services. For affiliated housing, please contact the private management company operating the property.

Meal Fee - in full prior to the first day of the semester; after the first day of the semester, prorated refunds are made on an individual basis through the Office of Residence Life for resident students, and through the Office of the Bursar for commuter students.

Other Fees [top]

Application Fee. All prospective students are charged $35 for the processing of their applications to the University. Applications are available online though the Office of Graduate Studies Web site, This fee is nonrefundable and not credited to the student's account.

Nondegree Student Application Fee. Nondegree students are charged a one-time $15 initial processing fee.

Study Abroad Application Fee. This $100 fee applies to students completing an online application to study or participate in an internship abroad. It will support resources for predeparture advising, health, and safety assurances.

Acceptance Fee. All newly accepted and readmitted students pay $100 as proof of intention to enroll at the University. This is a nonrefundable fee, which will be credited to the student's account upon enrollment.

Housing Deposit. All new and returning students who wish to live in University-owned housing (residence halls and the South Campus Apartment Complex) are charged $200. The deposit is credited against the student's housing fee and is nonrefundable if a student cancels housing, withdraws, transfers, is released from his/her occupany agreement, or cancels his/her acceptance.

Late Payment Fee. Students who fail to pay or submit their semester bills by their due date will be assessed a $50 late payment fee. Nonreceipt of a bill does not relieve students of the responsibility of paying or submitting their bill by the due date. For those paying by mail, please allow sufficient time for payment to reach the University by the due date. Financial aid students who fail to confirm their attendance by the due date, even if no payment is due, will also be liable for this fee.

Late Registration Fee. All students who schedule during the late registration period are charged a $35 nonrefundable late registration fee.

Portfolio Assessment Fee. Equal to 50% of the per credit hour rate, this fee is charged to have a faculty member assess a student's prior knowledge in a particular course.

Course Audit Fee. Students who audit courses pay the same fees as students taking the courses for a letter grade.

Damage Fee. Students are charged for damage or loss of University property. This fee varies, depending on the extent of the damage.

Identification Card Fees (RAMeCARD). The RAMeCARD will serve as a ticket to the offerings at Lawrence Food Court, Campus Corner, Convenience Stores, and Sykes Ram’s Head Food Court. The University charges a $12 fee to issue an identification card to each full- or part-time student. If this card is lost or stolen, the student will be charged $15 for a replacement card. Damaged ID cards can be exchanged for a $10 fee. This fee is payable at the Student Services (SSI) service center located on the ground level of Sykes Student Union.

Parking Fees. The University charges a nonrefundable parking fee to students who are eligible to purchase a permit to use University parking lots. The current parking fee is $30 per year. Parking permits are available at the Department of Public Safety or on the Web at Parking fines are assessed at $20 up to $40 depending on the violation.

Music Instrument Rental Fees. Each student renting a musical instrument for a semester is charged $20 per instrument. Each student using a pipe organ for practice for one period each weekday is charged $36 per semester.

Recording Fee. A $75 per hour recording fee will be charged for noninstructional recording, mixing, and editing services provided by the College of Visual and Performing Arts, such as promotional CDs, fund-raising projects, or recordings by nonacademic groups, e.g., barbershop quartets. No charge will be made for faculty/student recitals, ensemble performances, final theory/composition projects, or demonstration tapes for graduate school applications.

Lost Key Replacement. Students who lose the key to their University-owned residence hall room or South Campus Apartment bedroom are charged a nonrefundable fee of $30 to replace the lock.

Transcript Fee. The fee for transcripts is $7 per copy. Transcript request forms are available in the Office of the Registrar.

Commencement Fee. The University charges $82 to all students enrolled in a degree program who will have fulfilled their degree requirements by the end of the semester. This fee is paid after the student completes a Graduation Application Form in the Office of Graduate Studies and Extended Education and is approved for graduation.

Fee for Crossover Registration. Students who are admitted to graduate study and need to take undergraduate course work to correct academic deficiencies are advised to enroll in undergraduate courses exclusively, and they will be billed undergraduate fees. Graduate students who are enrolled in graduate and undergraduate courses during the same semester will pay graduate fees for all course work. Further, all such courses or combinations are to appear on a single graduate transcript that includes a code or legend which differentiates between undergraduate and graduate courses. Undergraduate courses appearing on a graduate transcript may or may not be acceptable for a degree program, according to determinations made by the degree-granting department. Undergraduate students with at least a 3.00 GPA and 96 credits of course work may take up to six credits of graduate course work in their final semester in accordance with University policy. If the student wishes to have the credits count towards the bachelor's degree, he/she must submit a completed "Application for an Undergraduate Student to Take a Graduate Course for Undergraduate Credit." If the student wishes to have the credits count towards a graduate degree, he/she must submit a completed "Application for an Undergraduate Student to Take a Graduate Course for Graduate Credit." Both forms are available in the Office of the Registrar.

If a course is taken for undergraduate credit by an undergraduate student, no additional fees will be required. If a course is taken for graduate credit, the student must pay graduate tuition and applicable fees for that course. Credit earned and grades received will be recorded on the undergraduate transcript. Credits so earned may later be applied to a graduate program, subject to approval of the major department.