Graduate Catalog

2012 – 2013

Office of Graduate Studies and Extended Education
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West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383
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Revised August 2012


E.O. Bull Center for the Arts
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383
Mr. Baker, Chairperson

Professors [top]

John Baker, M.F.A., University of Delaware
Richard E. Blake, B.F.A., Tyler School of Art of Temple University
Margaret Schiff Hill, M.F.A., Syracuse University
Gus V. Sermas, M.F.A., University of Wisconsin

Associate Professors

Virginia da Costa, Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara
Belle C. Hollon, M.F.A., University of Wisconsin
Henry P. Loustau, M.F.A., University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
Nancy J. Rumfield, Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University
Donna Usher, M.F.A., University of Delaware
Sally Van Orden, M.F.A., Texas Tech University

Assistant Professors

Belinda Haikes, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University
Heather Sharpe, Ph.D., Indiana University, Bloomington
Kate Stewart, M.F.A., University of Pennsylvania

The Department of Art offers, on a limited basis, graduate courses in art to graduate students from other areas.

Course Descriptions [top]

Symbol: ART unless otherwise noted.

ARH 500 Art Seminar (3) Special topics to be announced for studio and art history. Offered periodically as appropriate. PREREQ: Permission of instructor.

516-517 Painting I-II (3) (3) Extensive experimentation in studio problems and directions. The strategies of technique and a personal style are explored. Each section of this course varies with the instructor.

520 Painting: Independent Projects (3) Individualized instruction at an advanced level. Development of professional, personal, and imaginative statements leading to formation of the student's pictorial identity.

521 Sculpture I (3) Introduction to sculpture via the fundamentals of 3-D design. Use of basic tools, development of skills, techniques, and processes in creating sculpture. Projects in plaster, clay, stone, and wood.

525 Multimedia Workshop in Sculpture III (3) Fabrication methods and techniques, using wood, plastic, and various metals.

531 Ceramics I (3) Ceramic techniques and aesthetics of clay, leading toward development of creative expression. Exercises in hand-built and wheel-thrown forms. Formulation of clay bodies, glaze bodies, and calculations; loading and kiln firing techniques. Also, basic exercises for elementary and secondary teaching levels.

532 Ceramics II (3) Further development of expression for those who have mastered basic ceramic processes. Research in clay bodies, glaze chemistry, firing techniques, and kiln construction. Creative problems.

533 Ceramics: Studio Problems (3) Individual projects involving the total or specialized areas of the ceramic process. Practical experience through helping to maintain the ceramic complex.

534 Ceramics: Independent Projects (3)

541 Printmaking: Relief, Independent Projects (3) Advanced study with individualized instruction. Collagraph, lino-cut, and woodcut techniques. Combining various printing processes with relief printmaking.

546 Drawing: Independent Projects (3) Advanced study with individualized instruction. Emphasis on professional, personal, and imaginative statements leading to the student's iconographic identity.

551 Art Education in the Elementary School (3) Current trends in art education for the elementary school.

552 Basic Photography (3) A course in the basics of photography. Includes techniques for camera handling, film and print processing, and photographic images manipulation. Students must supply their own 35mm adjustable camera as well as printing and processing materials.

553 Intermediate Photography (3) An intermediate course for those who have had a basic photography course or previous photographic experience. Students must supply 35mm adjustable camera and printing and processing materials. PREREQ: ART 552.

554 Advanced Still Photography (3) Lecture and laboratory experiences in large format, and electronic visual production. PREREQ: ART 552 and 553.

590 Independent Studies in Art (1-3)