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2013 – 2014

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Revised May 2013

Women's and Gender Studies

535 Main Hall
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383
Dr. Mader, Director

Programs of Study [top]

Until further notice, no new students will be admitted into this program.


Course Descriptions [top]

Symbol: PSY

565 Psychology of Women (3) Develops a scientific and rational understanding of the behavior and experience of women.

Women's and Gender Studies
Symbol: WOS

502 Special Topics (3) In-depth study of selected topics in women's studies not included under existing, regularly offered courses.

530 Women in Leadership: Critical Issues (3) Survey of the literature that defines and discusses critical issues for the woman leader. Some issues center around lifestyle choices and conflicts (loneliness, family pressure) and others around organizational barriers and alternative means to overcome them.

531 Management of Leadership: Laboratory Course (3) The study and practice of alternative leadership modes. The course uses workshop techniques to teach speech, small-group dynamics, and other communication skills, and problem-solving strategies.

533 Woman Executive: Research Seminar (3) A seminar that requires each student to complete an original project on the goals, problems, choices, or successes of women in middle- or upper-level management positions. The use of case studies, surveys, oral history, and other research techniques will be explored. An appropriate internship may be substituted for this course.

539 Independent Study (3) A project to be developed independently by the student working with a specific instructor. This course may be taken again for credit.