Graduate Catalog

2013 – 2014

2012-2013 Graduate Catalog Archive

Office of Graduate Studies and Extended Education
McKelvie Hall, 102 W. Rosedale Avenue
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383
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Revised May 2013

Mission, Values and Vision Statements

West Chester University's Vision

West Chester University will be a national model for excellence for public regional comprehensive universities and especially noted for:

  • Undergraduate programs that actively engage students in connecting the life of the mind to the world in which they live and work
  • Graduate and post-baccalaureate programs that respond to regional needs
  • Gradates who are lifelong learners and possess the technical and applied skills essential to success now and in the future
  • A commitment to access and serving the educational needs of a diverse student body
  • Leadership as a community educational and cultural resource, and a partner in fostering the economic, social, and cultural vitality of southeastern Pennsylvania.

The West Chester University Mission Statement

West Chester University, a member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, is a public, regional, comprehensive institution committed to providing access and offering high-quality undergraduate education, select post-baccalaureate and graduate programs, and a variety of educational and cultural resources for its students, alumni, and citizens of southeastern Pennsylvania.

The West Chester University Values Statement

West Chester University is committed to attracting, enrolling, and graduating quality students from a wide variety of educational, cultural, and economic backgrounds. This endeavor requires the University to attract and retain highly qualified faculty and staff and to provide each member of the University community with learning and leadership development opportunities. To this end, the University supports and encourages programs which benefit all people and which seek to eradicate discrimination and injustice. We treasure what we believe to be the highest principles of American society: the worth and uniqueness of each individual, the belief that success is to be earned by individual effort put forth in an environment founded on equality of opportunity, and the appreciation of the ideal of an inclusive society.

We believe that it is incumbent upon all members of our community - staff, students, faculty, and administrators - to conduct themselves with civility toward one another at all times. We value the special talents and contributions of each member of our community. We further affirm the worth and dignity of each member and the shared responsibility of all to treat each other as individuals, with respect and courtesy.

As a university owned by the citizens of Pennsylvania, we value our mission to provide the best educational opportunities possible which will enable the University community to successfully address the concerns of a global society. To this end, West Chester University seeks to provide diligent advising for students and to focus on teaching students to think clearly and critically, to make logical and ethical judgments, and to communicate effectively with others.

West Chester University's community strongly supports the principles of academic integrity and academic responsibility, viewing both as the province of every member of the campus community. We hold the highest esteem for teaching directed toward student learning and affirm that mastery of content as well as mastery of teaching skills necessary to communicate such content is paramount.

This values statement is intended to be a living document which will serve West Chester University as it changes and evolves in the coming years.