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What To Do In Case Of An Accident

  If you are involved in an accident while driving a WCU-owned vehicle, you should:
    o  Render first aid and call an ambulance as needed.
    o  Obtain the license numbers of all vehicles involved.
    o  Obtain the names and addresses of all persons involved.
    o  Obtain the names and addresses of all witnesses, if possible.
    o  Contact the nearest State Police headquarters and request that an accident report be filed. (Note: For purposes of safety and loss risk analyses, this is required for all accidents involving Commonwealth vehicles. The State Police will either investigate an accident or refer it to a local police department.)
    o  Do not discuss the accident or any implication of fault with anyone except the police, the WCU Automotive Officer, or other authorized Commonwealth personnel.
    o  Notify your supervisor and complete an "Automobile Accident or Loss Notice" (Form OA-541). This form requires completion immediately after the accident, or within 24 hours of the time of incident. Copies of this form are located in the glove compartment of each WCU vehicle. Additional copies may be obtained at the Motor Pool Office located at 821 S. Matlack Street or by phone at 610-436-2434.
    o  If a vehicle is struck and damaged while unattended, the local police should be notified, and an OA-541 Form should be filled out.