Motor Pool/Auto Shop


821 S. Matlack Street
West Chester, PA 19383

Welcome to the Motor Pool Home Page

  Phone: 610-436-2434  
  Email:  autoshop @  
  The University operates a fleet of approximately 84 vehicles. The Motor Pool makes these vehicles available for use by faculty and staff to carry out the operational functions of the University. The Automotive Shop schedules vehicles for use by faculty and staff, monitors fuel usage, performs required inspections, and keeps vehicles and grounds equipment running smoothly.  
  Approximately 18 of these vehicles are available to the campus community. These vehicles include: 5-person sedans, 7-person minivans, 15-person vans, a cargo van, and a pickup truck. Drivers must comply with all eligibility requirements listed in the WCU Vehicle Policy.  
  To reserve a vehicle, send your request to: autoshop @  
  The Auto Shop provides service to about 75 service vehicles used around campus, as well as maintaining all the heavy equipment, tractors, and mowers used on campus. In addition, the Auto Shop maintains a compressed natural gas fueling station allowing many of WCU´s vehicles to run on cleaner-burning natural gas.  
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