Plant Operations


201 Carter Drive, Suite 500
West Chester, PA 19383

Guide to Shops and Services

  Electrical Shop:  
    The Electrical Shop performs emergency and routine repairs and maintenance on the high voltage distribution system to the buildings and all internal building electrical power. This includes: electrical panels, fuses, transformers, wiring, motors, switches, receptacles, light fixtures, campus street and outdoor building lighting, etc. Installation of additional services, outlets, and lighting is considered new work and must be requested and funded by the user department. Temporary power is provided for special events upon request.  
  HVAC Shop:  
    The HVAC Shop is responsible for maintaining the controls and mechanical equipment systems which provide building heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. This includes: building chillers, boilers, cooling towers, heat pumps and compressors, air flow distribution and balancing, chilled water piping and coils. They investigate and take corrective action on temperature complaints.  
  Off Shift Maintenance Shop:  
    The Off Shift Maintenance Shop handles installation and servicing of window air-conditioning units, tests of generators, planned maintenance of classrooms and maintain the swimming pools.  
  Plumbing Shop:  
    The Plumbing Shop maintains all plumbing systems, both inside and outside University facilities, which connect to the public water and wastewater systems. Their duties include the maintenance of: drinking fountains, showers, drain lines, faucets, toilets, hot and cold water lines, water valves, hot water heaters, and hot water circulating pumps.  
  Carpentry Shop:  
    The Carpentry Shop maintains and repairs building interior and exterior structural and architectural components. This includes roof repairs and replacement; installation and maintenance of walls, ceilings, cabinets, ramps, stairs, inlaid floors, forms, trim, cornices, paneling, sheetrock, doors, doorstops, hinges and closers, molding and weather stripping, ceiling and floor tiles; sidewalk construction and repair; repair of University structures made of block, brick, stone, or concrete; make building and street signs; erect tents and staging for special events; provide key and lock service (see below); and accomplish many other general maintenance tasks as needed.  
  Lock Shop:  
    The Lock Shop is responsible for lock repairs, changes, and installations; all re-keying services; file cabinet and desk lock repairs; as well as emergency lock changes and repairs. The shop maintains records of the locks on all buildings, rooms, and padlocks, as well as the keys issued to faculty and staff, who are accountable for the keys issued to them. To request new or replacement keys, submit a Key Request Form with all authorized signatures to Work Control.  
  Paint Shop:  
    The Paint Shop handles surface protection for all building interior and exterior painted structures. This includes priming and painting all painted surfaces, and street and curb striping and painting. Special painting requests are handled on a non-priority basis and funded by the requesting department.  
  Student Affairs Maintenance (SAM):  
    Student Affairs Maintenance is responsible for routine maintenance and repair within the eight North Campus residence halls, the the South Campus apartments, Sykes Student Union, and Lawrence Dining Hall. This includes lighting replacement, venetian blind repair, repairs to doors and molding, touch-up painting, heating and cooling adjustments, plumbing leaks, sewage stoppages, etc. To obtain service, students should report maintenance needs to the main desk in each residence hall.  
  Other Services:  
    Plant Operations is continually involved in monitoring the condition and operational effectiveness of the thousands of building systems on campus and developing means to deliver these services in the most efficient way possible. Plant Operations also administers welding and elevator maintenance contracts. We're working around the clock to assure that you are provided with building systems that work comfortably at the least possible cost.