Moving Services


821 S. Matlack Street
West Chester, PA 19383

Moving Considerations

  Getting ready to move? Please plan ahead and consider the following:
    o   Space Allocation Committee approval for moving into a newly-assigned space
    o   Telephone/computer relocation request & timetable
    o   Submitting TMA Work Request at least two weeks in advance
    o   Getting information from Moving Services and/or Design and Construction in advance regarding the move schedule, packing requirements, emptying file cabinets, etc.
    o   Packing your items before the movers arrive
    o   Notify the University Post Office of your new location
    o   Notify HR to revise your emergency locator file
    o   Key requisitions (turn in old keys, get new ones)
    o   Signage for your new location? Consult with Facilities
    o   Telling the world you moved: Inform your clients, mail forwarding, etc.