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Facility Administrators
Responsibilities and Guidelines


·        Facility Administrators are appointed by the Executive Director of Facilities Management based upon approval from the vice president for departments that reside within each facility.

·        Appointments may be terminated upon request of the applicable vice president or if a Facility Administrator is unable to fulfill his/her term due to extenuating circumstances.  Given the critical need for continuity of administration over all University facilities, as much advance notice as possible of any required change is appreciated.

Authority and Responsibilities

·        Provide a single point of contact within the facility for gathering or disseminating information concerning facilities-related issues.

·        Administer University key-control policy and control and record the distribution of keys within assigned facility.

·        Periodically inspect the facility (at least weekly) to insure all areas are kept in a neat, orderly, clean, safe, and efficiently operating condition.

·        Ensure all accessibility routes are clear, that door openers are operating, and that other ADA equipment/devices are functioning.  Report malfunctioning items to Work Control, x2444, for priority response.

·        Distribute and post University policies and direct building tenants to comply with same.

      –     Report violation of rules, regulations, policies, and safe practices to the appropriate authorities.

·        Insure that assigned tenants occupy only the space assigned to them.  Refer requests for space assignments and report space scheduling conflicts and/or improper utilization/allocation of space to the Director of Space Management, x3348.  Solicit the aid of the Public Safety Department, 3311, when necessary to evacuate unauthorized individuals from the facility.

·        Prescribe the schedule for locking and unlocking the facility and coordinate responsibility for accomplishment with the Public Safety and Custodial Services Departments.

      –        Make sure the facility is kept secure and that the last users are closing windows, turning out lights, locking doors, and securing equipment.  Violations beyond the capability of the Facility Administrator should be promptly reported to Public Safety.

·        Immediately notify Public Safety regarding:

      –        trapped elevator occupants

      –        medical/fire/police emergencies

      –        bomb threats

      –        crimes in progress

      –        activation of a fire or security alarm

      –        obstructed exits/entrances/means of egress that cannot be corrected immediately

·        Take charge of emergency evacuations.  Ensure all occupants have evacuated to the proper area when required.

·        Initiate work order requests for building and installed equipment maintenance.

      –           Please indicate the urgency of need (i.e. priority) for all such requests.  During non-business hours, contact Public Safety for any emergency requests.

·        Report toxic fumes, spilled or exposed chemicals or other unsecured hazardous materials to Public Safety at 610/436-3311.

·        Report Automatic External Defibrillator Cabinets in alarm to Environmental Health & Safety ext 3333.

·        Notify the Director of Environmental Health and Safety, ext. 3333, of environmental or safety hazards such as poor indoor air quality.

·        Report snow/ice hazards to the Work Control Office, ext. 2444.  During non-business hours, contact the Public Safety Department, who will notify on-call personnel.

·        Monitor classrooms to ensure the condition of furnishings is satisfactory, that an adequate number of chairs are provided. etc.

·        Monitor unassigned areas such as lounges, restrooms, vending areas, and building entrances, to ensure they are adequately furnished and maintained.

·        Assist representatives from the Facilities Division when conducting inspections of the facility.

·        Refer requests for telephone service/repairs to the Telecommunications Office.

·        Initiate a work order for room signage and respective mounting to Facilities Planning.

·        Consult with the Executive Director of Design and Construction regarding:

      –        Grant proposals that require cost estimates for installation of equipment or building modifications.

      –        Interior design considerations (paint/carpet colors, modular furnishing installations, revision of utilities; demolition or construction of walls, doors, etc.)

      –        Structural floor loading if purchase of heavy equipment is considered.

·        Through coordination with the Fire Safety Specialist or designee:

      –        Schedule  fire drills as required by applicable codes.

      –        Report all damaged, inoperable, and missing hand portable fire extinguishers, fire hose/nozzles, fixed fire protection systems, fire detection/alarm systems, damaged or missing emergency evacuation plans, fire extinguisher location signs, “Fire Door - Keep Closed” signs, and any other fire emergency information signs to the Fire Safety Specialist or designee at x2129 or x3315.

      –        Report overcrowding or occupancy in excess of prescribed limits.

      –        Coordinate fire safety training provided or arranged by the Fire Safety Specialist or designee for personnel in your facility.

·        With assistance from the Fire Safety Specialist, develop and maintain building specific evacuation plans

·        Inform the Executive Director of Facilities Management of any requirements for capital improvements or major building alterations.

·        Work with the Recycling Office, x2512, to coordinate building recycling programs.

·        Provide for continuity in the administration of the facility by delegation of authority and responsibility as required.

·        During prolonged absences of both the Facility Administrator and the Assistant Facility Administrator, inform the Executive Director of Facility Administration so an alternate can be appointed to provide continuous administration.