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Purchasing Card Questions and Answers

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Purchasing Cards - What are they?

Question+What is The WCU Purchasing Card?

Question+ How does a WCU purchasing card benefit me and my department?

Getting a Purchasing Card

Question+ Who can get a university issued purchasing card?

Question+ Who do I speak to if I have questions about getting a purchasing card?

Question+ How do I enroll in the program?

Question+ How long does it take to receive a purchasing card?

Using a Purchasing Card

Question+ What may be purchased with the WCU Purchasing Card?

Question+ Are there any merchants were the card won't work?

Question+ Are there any specific transactions that can not be made using the purchasing card?

Question+ What happens when I return an item to a merchant?

Question+ May I use my purchasing card for personal charges if I reimburse WCU?

Question+ May I use my purchasing card to purchase University supported computing hardware and peripherals?

Question+ Who pays the bills for the WCU purchasing card?

Question+ Is the University exempt from sale tax?

Monthly To-Do List

Question+ Do I need to send anything to card systems?

Question+ What does card systems do with the statements?

Question+ Where do I send my monthly reconciliation package?

Question+ How does the purchasing card impact my operating budget?

Question+ What if I am missing a receipt?


Question+ Can I be retrained on the purchasing card?

Changing Positions, Duties or Leaving the University?

Question+ I need cancel my purchasing card?

Question+ I'm changing departments - What do I do?

Question+ Can I be retrained on the purchasing card?

Lost or Stolen Cards

Question+ My purchasing card has been lost or stolen.

Question+ I've misplaced my card. What do I do?

Question+ I just want to cancel my card because I no longer need or want it?