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Contracts and Grants

Grant funds are established upon the receipt of an award letter from the granting agency, and funds for contracts are created upon the completion of the contract or agreement. In all cases every fund has a director to oversee the revenue and expense activity of the fund. This could be a department head, or principal investigator of a grant. The restricted funds office insures that all activity adheres to the guidelines and the budget for each fund.

To better assist you in accessing and monitoring your funds and if you have need of information related to budgeting, revenues and expenses in these funds, please contact:


Smith, Kelly

Grant and Contract Accountant
201 Carter Drive, Room 242
SAP Fund / Cost Centers beginning in 7519xxxxxx, 7531xxxxxx, 7534xxxxxx, 7535xxxxxx, 7536xxxxxx, 7537xxxxxx, 7538xxxxxx