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Fiscal Year End Important Information

Proposals for Sponsored Funds, Gifts, Grants, Projects, and Contracts

All proposals for grants, projects, and contracts in the nature of requests for external funding, must be approved by appropriate University officials.

All projects involving corporate or private sponsors (including Alumni) must be coordinated in advance through the Vice President for Advancement.

Only the President and/or the Provost is authorized to sign grant applications or contracts for sponsored activities on behalf of the University.

A completed copy of the current Proposal Authorization Form must be submitted with all proposals and submitted to the Provost at least five working days before the mailing deadline.

Any proposal committing University resources of money, goods, and/or services must include an itemized budget indicating the amount requested from the sponsor, the amount to be contributed by the University, and the total amount.

The cost center to be charged for each University item should also be indicated on the budget and initialed by the University official charged with oversight of the cost center.

All purchases made and/or authorized by the Project Director or Principal Investigator shall be made through the Purchasing Office of the University in accordance with established policies and procedures.

All salaried appointments made, or wages charged to Grants, Projects, or Contracts must be in accordance with established University policies.

Indirect costs will be charged on all Grants, Projects, and Contracts unless precluded by a written policy of the Grantor, or approved by the Vice President for Administrative and Fiscal Affairs.