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West Chester University

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Supplier Diversity Best Practices

1. The University will:
  a. Encourage prime contractors to use the Department of General Services MBE/WBE database as a tool to obtain MBE/WBE subcontractors for bids/RFPs.
  b. Use the DGS MBE/WBE database as a tool for PASSHE procurements, as appropriate.
  c. Encourage all identified MBE/WBE vendors to get certified with the DGS as a MBE/WBE.
2. The University will participate in a vendor/trade show or procurement related community outreach program related to a diverse vendor pool annually.
For example, local Chamber of Commerce host these types of events, as well as local chapters of minority and women businesses organizations.
3. The University will host a “Meet the Buyer” or diverse vendor trade show locally or regionally in conjunction with other PASSHE Universities or agencies.
4. Identify a single point of contact at who will be identified as having primary responsibility supplier diversity.
5. Create a web page dedicated to supplier diversity.
6. The university will identify and make contact with diverse firms within the general geographic area of the University to promote procurement opportunities within the University.
7. The University will annually at the local level or in conjunction with other PASSHE entities advertise in publications with quantifiably diverse demographics promoting the University as a buyer of goods and services.
8. The University will provide information electronically concerning procurement opportunities to organizations representing diverse groups to facilitate the dissemination of this information throughout diverse communities.
9. The University will develop and maintain a database to track 2nd tier spend.
10. The University will provide training for all procurement personnel on supplier diversity best practices and maintain a training log of such training.
11. The University will develop at least one community collaboration with a local group representing diverse vendors or stakeholders per year.
12. The University will promote recognition for success in Supplier Diversity Program.
13. The University will develop measurable results and mechanisms that will be used to measure the outcomes of the program.
14. The University will create an Annual Report to the Fiscal Vice President group outlining outcomes for the year relating to Supplier Diversity. This information will be shared with the Diversity Officers group as well as University and PASSHE leadership.