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Fiscal Year End Important Information

Contracting with Outside Speakers

Ordinarily, fund allocations for outside speakers are within the purview of the area Vice President.

Also, the area Vice President has authority to delegate or not delegate authority to commit funds for outside speakers. * The Provost has delegated this authority to each Dean.


Requests to encumber monies for outside speakers are made by way of a requistion through the channel designated by each Vice President to the University Purchasing Office. The background of the outside speaker (summary of credentials) and date/s of service must be provided with the request.

The Purchasing Office thereupon will prepare a speakers agreement or service purchase contract.

The agreement will then be sent by Purchasing to the outside speaker for signature with the request that the signed agreement be returned to Purchasing, which shall route it to the Vice President for Administration and Finance who has authority to sign on behalf of the University.

The individual initiating the request for the outside speaker shall have the authority to direct the Accounts Payable/Disbursements Office to prepare a check for payment in accord with the written agreement. This authorization may be made via electronic communication thereby enabling checks for honoraria to be available at the time the speaker is on campus.

Contracts in excess of $5,000 must be approved for legality and form by University Legal Counsel and the Attorney General. At least six weeks should be allowed for this approval AFTER the contract has been signed by the appropriate parties. Non-construction contracts shall be routed by the Purchasing Office, and construction contracts shall be routed by the Contract Services Office for these purposes.

Updated: February 2015