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Fiscal Year End Important Information

After Submitting a Bid


After the bid opening, the bids are carefully examined, analyzed and evaluated by the Purchasing Office to ensure they conform to the requirements of the bidding documents. The qualifications of the apparent low bidder will be reviewed to ensure that the firm is capable, responsive and responsible to perform the work. The Contractor’s Qualification Statement and financial statement, if required, and any other required documents will be examined carefully to verify the bidder’s qualifications.  

After the bids have been properly evaluated, and the lowest qualified, conforming and responsive bidder is determined, the selected bidder will be named.  

If the University is unable to reach agreement on a contract with the selected bidder, the University reserves the right to begin the contract award process with the next successive bidder. If the University is unable to reach agreement on a contract with either of the above (selected bidder or next successive bidder), the University reserves the right to begin the contract process with the third and final successive bidder whose bid bond was retained. Once an agreement is reached and the contract is successfully executed, the bid bonds on the other bidders will be returned.  


The withdrawal of a bid, without forfeiture of the bid guaranty if any, is permitted subject to the following conditions:

The bid price was submitted in good faith, and the bidder submits credible evidence that the reason for the bid being substantially lower was a clerical mistake, as opposed to a judgment mistake and was actually due to an unintentional and substantial mathematical error or an unintentional omission of a substantial quantity of work, labor or services made directly in the compilation of the bid provided:

The notice of a claim of the right to withdraw such bid is made in writing to the University within two business days after the opening of the bids; and

The withdrawal of the bid would not result in the awarding of the contract on another bid of the same bidder, his partner, or to a corporation or business venture owned by or in which he has a substantial interest. No bidder who is permitted to withdraw a bid shall supply any material or labor to, or perform any subcontract or other work agreement for, any person to who a contract or subcontract was submitted without the written approval of the University.

If the project is re-bid as a result of the withdrawal, the withdrawing bidder shall pay the costs of re-bidding (printing new bid packages, required advertising, printing and mailing notices to prospective bidders), if such costs would not have been incurred except for the withdrawal. In no event shall the withdrawing bidder be permitted to resubmit a bid for the project.


The University may reject any and all bids or portions thereof if it is in the public interest to do so. If all bids are significantly higher than the budget allotted for the good or service, the bids may be rejected and the goods or service may be re-bid.

The University may reject bids for the following reasons:

The bid contains any additions not requested, unless such additions are insignificant.

The bid contains bidder terms and conditions that are not acceptable.

The bid contains irregularities that are not acceptable.

The bidder was debarred from doing work on public projects.  


Upon award of the contract, the Purchasing Office will prepare the required contract and route to the vendor, University Contracting Officer and Commonwealth officials for approval and signature.

Updated: January 2015