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West Chester, PA 19383

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Fiscal Year End Important Information

Objectives of the Director of Business Services

1. Contracting Officer:

The President of each university and the Chancellor, or their designees, are designated as contracting officers and, as such, are the only individuals authorized to procure goods, services, supplies, and construction; enter into and administer contracts; and make written determinations with respect to contracts for the State System. The Director of Business Services has specific delegated authority as a Contracting Officer for West Chester University. See the current Delegation of Presidential Authority Purchasing and Contracting Officers chart for West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

2. Provide procurement, contract, and materials management.

3. Manage the procurement of goods, services, supplies and construction in accordance with Board of Governors Policy 1998-04.

4. Conform to the policies, procedures and statutory limitations published in the Commonwealth Procurement Code promulgated by Act 57 of 1998 and Board policies.

• Conserve fiscal and material resources
• Keep University well supplied with quality goods and services
• Control encumbrances and expenditures (over $54 million annually)
• Insure regulatory compliance (Federal, State, Local, and System)
• Serve as liaison with central agencies and signatory authorities, such as Legal Counsel

5. Principal contact with outside firms seeking University business or filing claims or protests.

6. Supervise assigned functional areas.

7. Assist senior policy executives and department heads with contract development, reviews and advice.