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Fiscal Year End Important Information

Non Credit Institutional Programs

All institutional programs which are given not-for-credit and for which academic credit is not available shall be administered through the University College.

All such programs shall be governed by a memorandum of understanding between the faculty member designated as the director of the workshop and the University College administrator.

The terms of the memorandum will be negotiated between the Dean of the University College or his or her designee and the director of the program. Such terms shall be in accord with current policy guidelines.

Faculty salaries will be in accord with current guidelines approved by the administration and payment of faculty members who are employees of West Chester University will be governed by procedures for dual employment payment.

Ordinarily, preliminary proposals for non-credit workshops are made in writing to the Office of University College three months prior to the anticipated date of the workshop.

All final proposals for non-credit workshops shall include a budget which includes projected revenue and expenditures including overhead costs established by the Business Office for this purpose. This budget will be attached to the memorandum of understanding as Rider A.

All final proposals for non-credit workshops shall include provisions for canceling and enlarging the workshop and any other additional provisions deemed necessary by the nature of the workshop. These provisions will be attached to the memorandum of understanding as Rider B.

The administration of the workshop shall be under the general supervision of the Office of University College. At the conclusion of the workshop, a financial statement will be generated and copies sent to the Dean of University College, the Faculty Administrator of the Workshop, and the Academic Dean of College involved.

All payments, including required deposits, shall be made directly to the Bursar's Office. All billings to sponsors, or participants will be processed through the Bursar's Office.