Construction Procurement

West Chester University

201 Carter Drive, Suite 200
West Chester, PA 19383

After Submitting an RFP


Once a professional firm has submitted a proposal in response to an RFP to West Chester University and the deadline for submission has passed, the University shall begin to evaluate all responses received.  The University’s Contracting Officer shall appoint  selection and negotiation boards to review the qualifications of the interested professionals and identify in rank order, based upon the criteria established  and published by the University at least three of the professionals deemed to be the most highly qualified to provide the services required.   

The selection board may conduct interviews to assist in the selection and ranking of the professional firms.   The board may visit the firm’s offices to observe the organization, its resources, and talk first hand with individuals who will be responsible for the project. As a minimum, the board should discuss with each firm interviewed, the following:

Nature of organization (whether individual, partnerships, joint venture or corporation);
Identity of architect’s principals (including biographical data on each; i.e., professional background organizations and registrations);
Identity and detailed background information of individuals who will be assigned to the project;
Depth of available backup personnel;
Identity of owners of recent projects, including the name and address of the individual representative of the owner having knowledge of the architect’s work;
Identity of completed projects similar to the one being contemplated;
General procedures for assuring timely performance during the design and construction phases;
Ability and willingness to work with the owner and its representatives;
Present and anticipated workload and availability to handle new projects;
Scope of services offered during each phase;
Willingness to consider contractual obligations under the System contract;
Acceptance of fixed fee negotiated compensation;
Financial responsibility;
Overall references.

A record (letter of recommendation) of the selection board action shall be forwarded to the Contracting Officer for approval.  The results of the selection board shall be formally transmitted to the negotiation board by the Contracting Officer and made available for public information upon request.

After the selection of the most qualified firms the selection board shall request the firm ranked the most qualified to submit a fee proposal for performance of the work.  Board of Governors Policy 1990-07 establishes the requirement to negotiate payments for professional services. 

The negotiation board shall attempt to negotiate a contract with the professional ranked as the highest qualified professional at compensation which the board determines is fair and reasonable to the University.  The board shall consider the estimated value of the work, complexity, and nature of the services in its determination.

Information requested by the board during negotiations shall be considered proprietary and held in the strictest confidence.  Information concerning the negotiated amount may be made public only if a contract is executed or as required by law.

If a satisfactory agreement can not be consummated with the firm considered to be the most qualified, negotiations shall be formally terminated with that professional firm.

The negotiation board shall then undertake negotiations with the professional firm ranked second most qualified to perform the services.

If an agreement can not be reached with the second most qualified professional firm, the negotiation board shall attempt negotiation with each ranked professional firm in descending order, individually (one at a time) until a satisfactory agreement can be reached.

The negotiation board shall continue negotiations in accordance with the above paragraphs until an agreement is reached, or it shall terminate all negotiations and request re-advertisement.


Once negotiations are complete and an agreement has been reached with the professional or firm, the Construction Procurement Office will prepare the required contract and route to professional or firm, Contracting Officer and Commonwealth officials for approval and signature. 

No work shall commence on the project until the contract is fully executed. 


The evaluation of the proposals and selection of the professional is normally completed within four to six weeks after receipt of proposals.

Updated: February 2015