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Fiscal Year End Important Information


Low Dollar Expenditure Requests - Purchasing Card

The Purchasing Card (P-Card) is the preferred method of purchasing items costing less than $500 that are required for the daily operation of a department. Examples include magazine, individual department subscriptions, memberships, registrations, postage, office supplies, Fed-Ex, UPS, and more. The Purchasing Card has many advantages over other low-dollar purchasing methods. These include:

  No geographical limits
Available 24 hours a day, 365 days year
One check per month covers all Purchasing Card transactions
Reduces processing time over the conventional methods of obtaining a Purchase Order by submitting an EReq.

If you do not have a P-Card, see your manager, chairperson, or dean for details. Information is also available on our P-Card website.

Petty Cash

The petty cash fund [e.g., centrally located in the Bursar's Office, 25 University Avenue] is used for small dollar purchases under $25 that cannot otherwise be paid by University Purchasing Card or by processing an SAP requisition. Once the fund is depleted, the fund custodian submits a request to Accounts Payable for replenishment of the fund. The receipts for goods/services (to support disbursement from that fund) must be reconciled against the total dollar amount requested for reimbursement and presented to Accounts Payable. Accounts Payable will verify the reconciliation and process the reimbursement. Only the Vice President for Administrative and Fiscal Affairs can approve the establishment of a petty cash fund for a department.

Overnight Mail - FedEx, UPS

The preferred method of payment for overnight mail expense is the Purchasing Card. However, if you are using the university direct billing account, you must list your department id (org) on the reference line (line 2) of the air bill. Failure to do so may result in late payment to these vendors that could result in a loss of service. Department FEDEX/UPS accounts are discouraged unless they are paid by the department’s purchasing card.

Personal Credit Card Purchases

The use of personal credit cards is discouraged. University Purchasing Cards or University Travel Cards should be used to segregate personal expenses from business expenses, to insure that taxes are not paid for official transactions, and to avoid any violations of the Adverse Interest Act for accruing discounts, points, or other value against personal cards through the inclusion of University transactions. The use of personal purchases made over the Internet or telephone pose a particular problem with regards to documentation. For such purposes, a copy of the credit card statement with a well-documented business purpose will be acceptable documentation. This is the only situation in which a copy of a credit card statement will be considered as adequate documentation.

Do Not Commingle University and Personal Purchases

Please make every attempt to obtain a separate receipt for University items. Please do not send the Accounts Payable team checks or cash attached to invoices that have personal items & university items commingled. These items will be returned to you. If you cannot obtain a separate receipt, clearly identify the university items that are to be reimbursed, and obscure any other personal items. Remember, all documentation submitted is subject to audit by external authorities. The University does not care to include your personal spending items in such auditable documents. Prepare a separate adding machine tape of those items to be reimbursed and include it with the original receipt. Please be sure to get the proper approvals for all reimbursement requests.