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Sales and Solicitation The University is interested in regulating commercial activity and advertising on its campus in order to promote an educational rather than a commercial atmosphere.
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Sales Tax

West Chester University of Pennsylvania is exempt from all Excise Taxes.  This also applies to Pennsylvania Sales Tax, however, any contractor/supplier doing business with the University remains liable for the payment of Sales and Use Tax on all materials and fixtures he/she purchases or uses for the purpose of fulfilling his/her contract, even though the work is being performed for a governmental instrumentality.

An official document certifying the University's tax exempt status is available here.  Form can be downloaded and filled out by the University office. The University office making the purchase then sends it directly to the vendor requiring the form.

Additional information regarding State System Tax Procedures for University Operations is also available.

Business Services
SAP Financial System WCU SAP Financial System Home Page
Finance and Business Services / Budget
Scholarship / Award Decision Process

Process flow diagram of the Student Scholarship / Award Decision Process

Restricted Funds
Scholarship Notification

Form utilized for the disbursement of a scholarship to a student's account.

Restricted Funds
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Finance and Business Services

Signatory Authority
Affiliation Agreements

The President alone has the authority to sign contracts or agreements that bind the University unless the President delegates this authority, in writing, to others. No person, excepting the written delegates, may sign contracts or agreements involving the University.
Finance and Business Services
Snow Removal Weather Related Information
Social Security Numbers Guidelines for Protecting the Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers
Administration and Finance
Solicitation The University is interested in regulating commercial activity and advertising on its campus in order to promote an educational rather than a commercial atmosphere.
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Sovereign Immunity Generally speaking, the Commonwealth (which includes the State System and its constituent universities) has sovereign immunity from all tort claims, except for claims involving nine areas where such immunity has been specifically waived by the Legislature.
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Sponsored Funds, Proposals

All proposals for grants, projects, and contracts in the nature of requests for external funding, must be approved by appropriate University officials.

Business Services
Storm Closings Weather Related Information
Student Insurance for Internships West Chester University does not provide nor purchase liability insurance coverage for students serving in an intern program or fieldwork experience.
Business Services
Student Payroll Request This form must be completed by the department responsible for hiring non-workstudy student workers.
Human Resources
Subsistence Subsistence, also known as Per Diem, is the payment of a flat sum for meals and incidental expenses (tips, fees and taxes) which is provided to employees who travel overnight on official university business. These rates may differ depending upon the travel destination.
Accounts Payable
Supplier Diversity The West Chester University Supplier Diversity Program
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Suppliers How to add your company to our listing of potential bidders
Business Services
Surplus Property As a State institution the University uses property to its best advantage and realizes the maximum value possible for equipment and furniture at the end of their useful life.
Updated: December 2015