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Account Codes - GL General Ledger Account Codes - The six digit number to identify the type of expense. Each expense has a separate account # assigned to it.    Accounts can be found on the crosswalk hosted on our SharePoint site.
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Accounts Payable
ACH Authorization, Employees Form utilized by an employee to authorize Accounts Payable to make reimbursement payments (not payroll) directly to the employee's checking account (direct deposit).

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Finance and Business Services
ACH, Vendor Enrollment Form utilized by external vendors to sign up for ACH (direct deposit) payments for services or goods provided to West Chester University.
Accounts Payable
Act 188 Enabling Legislation for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Advances - Travel Procedures relating to a request for advanced funds for travel
Accounts Payable
Advertising The University is interested in regulating commercial activity and advertising on its campus in order to promote an educational rather than a commercial atmosphere.
Business Services
Affiliation Agreements An affiliation agreement is between a university and another entity...
Business Services
Internship Liability Insurance West Chester University does not provide nor purchase liability insurance coverage for students serving in an intern program or fieldwork experience.
Business Services
Affirmitive Action in Procurement Women, Black, and Minority Business Enterprises (WBE, BBE, MBE)
Business Services
Alcoholic Beverages Purchase of Alcholic Beverages
Business Services
Animals Purchase of Live Animals
Business Services
Annual Crime and Security Report Clery Report
Public Safety
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Internal Audit

Affiliation Agreements

The President alone has the authority to sign contracts or agreements that bind the University unless the President delegates this authority, in writing, to others. No person, excepting the written delegates, may sign contracts or agreements involving the University.
Finance and Business Services
Award / Scholarship Decision Process

Process flow diagram of the Student Scholarship / Award Decision Process

Restricted Funds
Updated: May 2018