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College of Health Sciences

Rita Patel Eng

Contact College of Health Sciences  

College of Health Sciences

Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center 
855 S. New Street 
West Chester, PA 19383

Dr. Scott Heinerichs 
Dean (interim) 
Phone: 610-436-2825 
Fax: 610-436-2860 

Marge Curran 
Secretary, Dean 
Phone: 610-436-2825 

Melissa Reed 
Associate Dean (interim) 
Phone: 610-436-2825 

Debra Murray 
Budget Manager 
Phone: 610-738-2385 

Amanda Blue 
Outreach Business Manager 
Phone: 610-738-0411 

Rita Patel Eng

Rita Patel

  • Hometown 
    "Vidyanagar, India/Bronx, NY"
  • Your alma mater? 
    "Stony Brook University"
  • What is your occupation/role in the CHS? 
    "Academic Coordinator"
  • How long have you been at WCU? 
    "10 months"
  • What's the best part of your job? 
    "Helping students find their path to success!"
  • What do you wish you could share with all incoming first-year students? 
    "You are not alone, don't struggle, ask if you don't know, reach out for assistance, we are here to help you succeed in all aspects of your college experience."
  • What do you wish you could share with all graduating seniors? 
    "Take the lessons learned from your college experience with you, remember the struggles and how you overcame them to get to graduation. Life will challenge you in the same way but you will be okay, just keep going. Choose to Be kind to others on your journey!"
  • What makes you most proud of WCU? 
    "The myriad of opportunities to grow in different ways as a student, staff, administrator or faculty member!"
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