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Partners in Prevention

Jim Brenner
Health Sciences
Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center
West Chester, PA 19383
Jim's Phone: 610-436-3357

PIP – Partners in Prevention

PIP - Partners in Prevention

Partners in Prevention (PIP) is a voluntary training program to assist faculty and staff in identifying and responding to student alcohol and other drug problems. Faculty and staff are often in unique positions to reach students about this issue. The goal of the Partners in Prevention Program is to help faculty and staff identify the signs and symptoms of alcohol/drug abuse/addiction; how to talk with students about this; and to assist students in finding resources for support.

WCU students can find Partner in Prevention trainees to confidentially discuss any alcohol or other drug problem by looking for the black & white PIP sticker on an office door or other location or by a statement on an instructor’s syllabus.

Click here PIP Training Manual PDF Document to view/print the updated PIP training manual.