The Mind/Body Institute of
Applied Psychophysiology

West Chester University

Ed Mackey, MSN, CRNA, PhD
222N Sturzebecker HSC
West Chester, PA 19383

Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback



Biofeedback is a training technique in which individuals are taught to improve their health by using information from their bodies.  Biofeedback is scientifically based and validated by years of studies and clinical practice. 

Biofeedback utilizes precision instruments that measure physiological activity such as heart rate, muscle tension, finger temperature, respiration and electro-dermal conductivity.  These instruments then “feed back” real-time signals to the user.  This feedback becomes the basis for the individual to learn self regulation skills and the ability to change their body’s physiology. 

Individual biofeedback sessions are tailored to the individual’s goals and performed in office.  Generally speaking, however, almost all biofeedback training session will involve a review of skills and the teaching and practice of new self-regulation skills.  Typically, the client is asked to practice these skills between office visits, at home several times during the week.