The Mind/Body Institute of
Applied Psychophysiology

West Chester University

Ed Mackey, MSN, CRNA, PhD
222N Sturzebecker HSC
West Chester, PA 19383

About Us


The vision of the Mind/Body Institute of Applied Psychophysiology at West Chester University is to promote scholarship, research and clinical activity in the area of Mind/Body interaction by facilitating student and faculty investigation of applied psychophysiologic interactions including but not limited to: hypnosis, audio-visual stimulation (AVS), brainwave entrainment (BWE), brain computer interfacing (BCI), neurofeedback and biofeedback.


The mission is to facilitate clinical access to Mind/Body modalities and to provide educational and research opportunities in the areas of Mind/Body modalities and Applied Psychophysiology for the community, students, and faculty.


To serve as an agent for community education in the area of mind/body interactions.

To provide educational opportunities to students, faculty or practitioners in the area of Applied Psychophysiology.

To provide non-credit courses available to the community at large as well as students in a variety of Mind/Body modalities.

To provide an opportunity for students and faculty to pursue research activities involving Mind/Body interactions.

To provide for investigation of Applied Psychophysiology.

To develop and provide products for enhancing health and healing  and mind/body interaction.