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John Helion

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College of Health Sciences

Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center 
855 S. New Street 
West Chester, PA 19383

Dr. Scott Heinerichs 
Dean (interim) 
Phone: 610-436-2825 
Fax: 610-436-2860 

Marge Curran 
Secretary, Dean 
Phone: 610-436-2825 

Melissa Reed 
Associate Dean (interim) 
Phone: 610-436-2825 

Debra Murray 
Budget Manager 
Phone: 610-738-2385 

Amanda Blue 
Outreach Business Manager 
Phone: 610-738-0411 

John Helion

John Helion

  • Hometown 
    "Yorktown Heights, NY"
  • Your alma mater? 
    "SUNY Cortland, Columbia Univ, Teachers College"
  • What is your occupation/role in the CHS? 
    "I'm a Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Honors College"
  • How long have you been at WCU? 
    "27 years at WCU, teaching 46"
  • How did you land at WCU? 
    "After completing my doctoral work at Teachers College, Columbia University, I was looking for a faculty position in a reputable Physical Education Teacher Education program. While interviewed and offered several positions, I chose WCU for their outstanding reputation and its location. I made the right choice."
  • What's the best part of your job? 
    "Students are the best part of my job. I decided I wanted to teach when I was in high school. Another good decision for me. I've worked at all levels and in four different states. I enjoy working with the different majors and also enjoy the enthusiasm that students bring to their studies. I have the good fortune to teach in the Adventure Education program and the Honors College which allows me to teach students from across the various majors found at WCU. I also coordinate the Athletic Coaching minor and teach assessment to our Physical Education majors. I have found these courses to be rewarding to teach and it's always fun to find new and different eways to motivate learning."
  • What do you wish you could share with all incoming first-year students? 
    "I would tell incoming students to find something they are passionate about. It may not be the first thing they major in. Too often, people get trapped in careers that they don't find fulfilling although they might provide a paycheck. 

    If you have doubts, don't be afraid to explore other possibilities. Life is too long to be unhappy in your job. I would also tell them to challenge themselves and step outside their comfort zone. They will never reach their potential if they don't take some risks."
  • What do you wish you could share with all graduating seniors? 
    "I would want them to realize that we will always remain students. As such, we need to continually strive to be our best and learn more each day. We will never know how good we can be until we try to do it. I would also remind them of what I told them as first-year students. Find your passion, challenge yourself and strive to reach your potential. As long as we're alive, we have the opportunity to improve ourselves."
  • What makes you most proud of WCU? 
    "I am proud of the reputation and work of the University. I am proud to be a faculty member of WCU. We do so many good things here. We do an outstanding job preparing our students to impact society, we work within our local community to help our fellow citizens and we work internationally to impact the world community. The University has grown so much since I've joined the faculty. It's been amazing to see the growth. But our legacy will always be our students. They will continue to be my pride and joy. Knowing that I may have had some small part in helping these people become the best they can become will always hearten me."

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