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School Health Leadership Institute

2016 Pennsylvania School Health Leadership Institute - West Chester

2015 Pennsylvania School Health Leadership Institute - West Chester

What is the Pennsylvania School Health Leadership Institute?

West Chester University's Center for Healthy Schools is excited to announce the Pennsylvania School Health Leadership Institute in partnership with the Pennsylvania American Cancer Society.  The Institute is designed to strengthen the quality of education through a healthy learning environment.  Emphasis is placed on the development and enhancement of school health councils/wellness committees, targeted awareness campaigns and advocacy, grant writing, data driven decision making, assessment, and health improvement plans to create healthy school communities and address pressing health concerns of children and adolescents.

Participants will be accountable for developing and implementing a coordinated health improvement plan for their school district and/or school building.

Participants will receive Act 48 credit, professional materials and resources, and meals. There is no registration fee for the Institute.

Who should apply for the Pennsylvania School Health Leadership Institute?

Pennsylvania elementary, middle, and/or high school personnel (school administrators, K-12 classroom teachers, health and physical education teachers, school nurses, school counselors, and food service personnel) from public and non-public schools who are committed to creating and sustaining a strong healthy school community.  A school district and/or school building may be representated by an individual, or as a team of up to three (3) people including a school and/or district administrator. 

What will we accomplish at the Pennsylvania School Health Leadership Institute?

School teams will participate in sessions which develop knowledge and skills about:  The link between health and learning, student health risk behaviors, coordinated school health programs, successful strategies for developing and sustaining school health councils, data-driven decision making, assessment, health improvement plans, wellness policies, resources, materials, and grants to support healthy school communities, advocacy strategies, and networking with school and community prevention partners.

Where will the Pennsylvania School Health Leadership be held?

On the campus of West Chester University

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