West Chester Center for Book History

West Chester University

Francis Harvey Green Library, Room 509

Dr. Eleanor Shevlin (Dept. of English)

email: eshevlin@wcupa.edu



  • Center for the Book at the Library of Congress
  • Pennsylvania Center for the Book
  • Aralia Press (a fine arts press)
  • Academic undergraduate and graduate courses                                                                            
  • Watch the ENG 270 Student Research Projects video

    Recent ENG 503 Student Projects:

    • Sean Skulski: The Marginal World: The Reader, Materiality, and the Future of Publishing in JJ Abrams’ S.
    • Kristin Solanick, Movable Books
    • Christina Iannetta, Blurring the Lines Between Author and Illustrator: The Enchanting Collaborative Work of      Lewis Carrol and John Tenniel
    • Sarah Hyson, For the Fiction Author: I Have a Manuscript, Now What Do I Do?:
      A Comparative Analysis of Publishing Options to Assist in the Decision-Making Process
    • Nicole DeGuzman, Why A?:  The Adult Readers of Young Adult Literature
    • Lorianne Darbes, Deciding to Self-Publish or Traditional Publish in the Current Book Market
    • Lee Apichella, Extra-Curricular Student Publications: Creating an Outlet for Authentic Student Authorship, Readership and Writing Pedagogy