University Academic
Advising Committee

West Chester University

Contact Info
Dr. Joanne Conlon, Chair

Questions For Advisors

Below is a list of questions you may want to discuss with your faculty advisor. Your advisor can help guide you in decisions about your personal, professional, and academic development. Prepare for your meeting with your advisor ahead of time, and try to meet with him or her more than once each semester and whenever you believe a meeting will be helpful.

  • What skills will I learn in my major field?
  • What are the options within my major?
  • What career fields do the major and/or the options prepare me to enter?
  • What general skills and abilities should I develop before I graduate that are not related to specific courses?
  • If I wanted to change my career field after graduating and working a few years, what other fields would I be prepared for?
  • How do I know my major is right for me?
  • How should I select general education courses?
  • What student clubs do you recommend?
  • What other activities should I consider, such as, internships, volunteer service, study abroad, and so on?