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* Check the courses you are able to tutor. You must have earned at least an A- in the course you intend to tutor. See the Undergraduate Bulletin or WCU's website ( for course descriptions.
ACC-201 CHE-232 GER-102 MAT-110 PHY-180
ACC-202 CSC-110 GER-201 MAT-121 PSY-100
ANT-102 CSC-141 GER-202 MAT-151 PSY-245
BIO-100 CSC-142 GEO-101 MAT-161 PSY-246
BIO-110 ECO-111 HIS-150 MAT-162 RUS-101
BIO-230 ECO-112 HIS-151 MAT-Q00 RUS-102
BIO-259 ECO-251 MAT-101 MAT-Q01 SOC-200
BIO-269 ECO-252 MAT-102 MTC112-215 SPA-101
CHE-103 FRE-101 MAT-103 PHI-101 SPA-102
CHE-104 FRE-102 MAT-104 PHY-100 SPA-201
CHE-107 FRE-201 MAT-105 PHY-130 SPA-202
CHE-230 FRE-202 MAT-107 PHY-140 SPK-208
CHE-231 GER-101 MAT-108 PHY-170 WRT-120
Other courses:
Identify two faculty members in the area(s) in which you wish to tutor who can provide a recommendation. In addition, please have them complete one of the attached recommendation forms (PDF) and mail or fax the form directly to the LARC.

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*Name: *Dept.: *Phone: - -

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