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Undergraduate Studies & Student Support Services


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Undergraduate Studies & Student Support Services

Lawrence Center 262
West Chester, PA 19383

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Name: Dr. Idna M. Corbett
Position: Dean

Name: Stephanie A. Reid
Position: Administrative Assistant

Undergraduate Studies and Support Services

Mission Statement

The Division of Undergraduate Studies and Student Support Services (USSSS) promotes academic excellence and contributes to the success of all students at West Chester University.

Undergraduate Studies

Honors College

“To be Honorable is to Serve”

Honors College students take a special core group of courses that count toward their general education requirements. The Honors College program prepares students to become active problem solvers in both the campus community and in the world.

Eligible students may enroll in the Honors College upon admission to the University. High performing continuing students may enroll in the Honors Seminar Program.

Academic Recovery Plan (ARP)

The Academic Recovery Plan (ARP) is intended to identify the issues or factors that contributed to a student being placed on academic probation. The plan is developed to identify steps that the student will take to improve his/her academic performance.

It is the responsibility of the student to schedule an appointment with his/her academic advisor no later than the third day of the first semester on probation. The ARP is an electronic form that can only be accessed by the advisor. If the ARP is not submitted within a month of the start of each semester, a hold will be placed on the student’s account.

Student Support Services

Academic Development Program (ADP)

The Academic Development Program provides intensive academic and social support through a summer bridge and academic year program for special admission students who show evidence of having the ability to succeed in college.

Learning Assistance and Resource Center (LARC)

The LARC offers tutoring services in most general education courses such as mathematics, writing, biology, chemistry, physics, social sciences, foreign languages, and introductory courses in business. The LARC also offers Supplemental Instruction in several high-risk biology and chemistry courses, Academic Success Seminars, and PAPA Review Workshops.

Early Alert

The Early Alert Program is a proactive system of communication and collaboration of professors, program staff, and academic advisors that alerts students in selected courses, early in the semester, that they are at risk of failing the course. Students are provided with information on available campus resources, as well as optional academic coaching support.

Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (OSSD)

The Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (OSSD) offers services for students with physical and learning disabilities. The OSSD is designed to assist students to make a successful transition to the university.

Pre-Major Academic Advising Center (PMAA)

The Pre-Major Academic Advising Center offers services to assist students who have not yet declared a major to explore their fields of interest before entering a degree program.


Army ROTC provides college-trained officers for both the Active Component (U.S. Army) and the Reserve Components (U.S. Army Reserve and the National Guard). As the largest single source of Army officers, ROTC fulfills a vital role in providing mature young men and women for leadership and management positions in an increasingly technical Army. Students participate in ROTC by enrolling in the military science electives.


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    Associate Vice President for Academic Administration
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