How to Submit

Submission can be made by clicking the link at the end of this page, filling out the form, and emailing your research document to (both of these steps must be taken).

We accept any articles submitted by any West Chester University Undergraduate so long as the research for the article took place within the past calendar or academic year. Other articles can be submitted but publishing is at the discression of the Editor-in-Chief.

In addition to full-length articles, we also accept shorter articles discussing research that is currently underway but not yet completed. We are currently accepting work from Graduate Students interested in publishing.


Submission Guidelines


All submissions must include a cover page. The cover page does not have to be formatted in any particular way but must include the following information (you may simply list the relevant information if you wish):


  • The Title of the research

  • Identify what Citation format is being used. The format must be an accepted format for your discipline (ie. (MLA, APA, Chicago, ACS, etc)

  • List the names of all authors (including professors) in the following format with the primary author indicated:

    • Primary: Joseph A. Banks, Student - West chester University of Pennsylvania

    • John B. Smith, Ph.D, MS, BA - West Chester University of Pennsylvania

    • Emily Todd, Psy.D, MA, MS, AS - Northwestern University

    • Alexander Lemming, MD, AA, FAACS - Philadelphia Medical College

  • Include a table of contents including the titles of all headings and subheadings

  • The contact information for two (and no more) authors

  • Indicate when and where the research was conducted (in a class, for an internship, senior seminar, for funzies, etc)

  • A BRIEF description of the research

  • 6 (no more) keywords or phrases

  • Department, major, college, and class standing of the PRINCIPAL AUTHOR

  • Academic programs relevant to the study (PPD, Pre-medical, BS.Ed, Honors College etc)

  • A Full abstract (no more than 300 words) - Please keep this at the end of the page

  • funding reference (if any)

  • acknowledgments (if any)

    • The research herewithin presented would not have been possible without the generous funding from HRSA Grant XXXXX. The authors would like to thank Dr. James Brown for her contributions and lab space.

  • IRB approval (if applicable)

Specific Guidelines For Completed Research:

  • Article must be written in the acceptable style of your major (MLA for English, etc).
    • You MUST include in-text citations
      • (Example: In chapter three of the text, the word "Apple" is used in a manner that indicates that the author may have lived in or around New York City (Frost, 2013).
  • Article should be written by the student in a professional manner.
  • Research must have been completed within the current calendar OR academic year.
  • Research must be done by the undergraduate student (though under the supervision of a mentor is perfectly acceptable).
  • An abstract must be included, no more than 300 words. The abstract should explain the research in a way that is accessible to the layman.
  • Use of Images:
    • All images must be correctly cited
    • If photographs of WCU students or Facutly are included, you must submit a photograph waiver with the submission.
    • Your photos may be rescaled such that they collectively take up no more than one-page on a piece of printer paper
  • Use of tables and charts
    • You are permitted unlimited use of tables and charts
    • Charts and other figures must not be ink consuming
    • All tables, charts and figures must be referenced and labeled accordingly
    • Use of all figures must be relefant to the research.

Specific Guidelines For Ongoing Research:

  • Article must provide an in-depth overview of the research being done as well as the significance of the research. Possible sections of the paper could be research methods, preliminary results, purpose, etc.
  • Article should be written by the student in a professional manner.
  • Research must be done by the undergraduate student (though under the supervision of a mentor is fine).
  • All additional Specific Guidelines for Completed Research apply to Ongoing Research


Publishing a Poster


We also accept professional posters.

  • Professional posters are published covering two pages (portrait posters will be rotated 90 degrees so that readers will have to turn the journal sideways to read it).
  • There are no specific guidelines for publishing a poster other than that it is of professional quality.
  • A cover page must be submitted with the poster (refer to the section above)


What Happens After I submit?


Please go to this page to see how the publication process works. For additional information, please feel free to contact our staff directly or at


Submission Form