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Club Officers



Our club is run by an executive Editor-in-Chief. Beneath the Editor are an Associate Editor, who heads up all editorial and review duties, and a Publisher who is responsible for handling all other duties for the club. In addition to these three officers, we also have a club secretary and treasurer.

The Position of club Publisher is filled only when the club decides that it is sufficiently large enough to warrant the position; otherwise the duties of the publisher are taken care of by the Editor and Associate Editor.

Elections are held each academic year in April.


Founder and President Emeritus

(Position expires May 10 2013)

Ash Cochran

BS Chemistry-Biology

French Minor

Class of 2013

Lindsey Todd

BA Psychology

Creative Writing Minor

Class of 2016
Associate Editor

Lauren McClusick

BA English

Class of 2016
Publisher NONE  

Jared Nemith

BS Chemistry-Biology

BS Cellular and Molecular Biology

Applied Ethics Minor

Class of 2014

Alexander "Xander" McMenamin

BA English

Class of 2016
Club Advisor

James Pruitt, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry